What’s new on the completely reimagined Disney Wonder?

My family recently took a Disney Cruise aboard the Wonder to explore all the completely new and newly reimagined parts of the ship.

Castaway Cay on the NEW Disney Wonder

Having recently undergone the most extensive dry dock reimagining in Disney Cruise history, the Wonder has really upped it’s game for guests.

From adult areas to kids areas to the pool, new Broadway level Frozen show, and an entirely new dining experience; from stem to stern the Disney Wonder experienced a transformation.

Disney Wonder Adult Areas

The adult area was completely reimagined and renamed on the Wonder.

After Hours Adult Area on Disney Wonder

Now known as “After Hours,” the adult area includes two new destinations for adults, as well as a reimagined old favorite.


Azure is the Wonder’s “nightclub” destination for adults. Bingo during the day and dancing all night!

Azure on the Disney Wonder

Cadillac Lounge

The Cadillac Lounge was on the Wonder, before, but it’s been completely reimagined.

Cadillac Lounge on the Disney Wonder

The Cadillac Lounge is the “piano bar” on the Disney Wonder. Reminiscent of the Rat Pack in their heyday of the late 50’s, you can kick back and enjoy a cocktail and music in this fantastically themed adult destination.

Cadillac Lounge on the Disney Wonder Piano

Check out that bar!

Bar in the Cadillac Lounge on the Disney Wonder

Crown & Fin Pub

Crown & Fin is a classic British Pub on the Disney Wonder. Step inside this location and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported “across the pond” to a local spot in the British country side.

Crown & Fin Pub on the Disney Wonder

Crown & Fin Pub on the Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder Kids Areas

Completely reimagined for the new Disney Wonder, Disney stepped up all the kids areas from the youngest cruisers to the teens.


The Edge is Disney Cruise’s “tween” area. Originally, only available on the larger ships, the Fantasy and the Dream, now the entire Disney Cruise fleet has a “tween” club. Our kids (11 & 13) absolutely loved Edge and stayed there almost the entire cruise. With games and interactions geared towards their age group, they simply couldn’t resist!

Edge on the Disney Wonder

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is an entirely new addition to the Disney Wonder. Turning little girls into princesses and sprinkling them with Pixie Dust.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on the Disney Wonder

You can also bring your little pirates up to Deck 10 for a Pirate’s League makeover on the Pirates IN the Caribbean night on the Wonder.

Oceaneers Club and Lab

The Oceaneer Club and Lab were both reimagined and now fully connected! No more checking your child out of one location to bring them across deck to the other. They can switch back and forth all they want with a connecting hallway! Never the need for a check out and back in.

Pluto Meet and Greet Disney Wonder

Disney Cruise added so much to the Oceaneer Lab and Club. It’s hard to mention it all. A couple “must sees” in the Lab and Club include the all new Marvel Super Hero Academy and the Frozen Adventures section.

Marvel Super Hero Training Area Disney Wonder

Frozen Adventures Area on the Disney Wonder

Also, be sure not to miss the Andy’s Room section. Copied from the very popular area on the Disney Magic, your kids will get to play with Andy’s toys and even climb up on his bed! It’s a “toy’s eye” view of the world!

Andy's Room Toy Story on the Disney Wonder


Vibe is Disney Cruise’s teen area. Somewhat “hidden” in the red forward funnel, Vibe provides a great place for your 14-17 year old to chill with their new friends on the Disney Wonder.

Vibe on the Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder Pool Areas

The kids pool areas were completely remodeled as part of the dry dock for the Disney Wonder. A new water slide, main pool, an added splash park area, and a toddlers area all new to the Wonder.

New Pool Areas on the Disney Wonder

The new AquaLab water playground on the Disney Wonder is a fun and fanciful area for families to frolic among pop jets, geysers and bubblers. Interactive games keep kids moving, while the Twist ‘n’ Spout water slide gets them delightfully drenched. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Twist ‘N Spout Water Slide

The Twist ‘N Spout slide is the new primary water slide aboard the Wonder. A fun slide that originates from the aft funnel and comes down to the ninth deck with a splash!

Aqua Lab

The Aqua Lab is the splash zone for kids on the Wonder. A great place to cool off or spray your friends!

Dory’s Reef

Dory’s Reef is the water park location for Disney Cruise’s youngest cruisers. Splash, slide, and dance your way to cooling off in this magical play area.

Disney Wonder Dining

Tiana’s Place

Tiana’s Place is an entirely new dining experience on the Wonder that replaces Parrot’s Cay. With live jazz music, New Orleans favorites like shrimp and grits and jambalaya, and meet and greets with Tiana, herself, this is an experience not to be missed!

Tiana's Place Shrimp and Grits Disney Wonder

The Shrimp and Grits were awesome! Just a small portion, though, so you may need to order two!

Tiana's Place Disney Wonder

Authentic New Orleans decor fills the dining room.
Tiana's Place Disney Wonder

Live music emanates from the main stage where even Tiana will hop up for a ditty or two.

Animation Magic

Animators Palate has added the very popular Animation Magic show to the Disney Wonder. Only available on longer cruises (over 4 nights), the Animation Magic Show brings your characters to life! You’ll even get an “Official Animators” certificate at the end of your experience.

Disney Wonder Entertainment

Enhancing the Senses Spa and the D Lounge were part of the entertainment changes on the Disney Wonder, but the big news was the addition of the Frozen show in the Walt Disney Theatre!

Frozen the Show

It’s the story you know as told in a theater setting by fantastic Disney actors and actresses! We absolutely loved the Frozen show. Great music, excellent puppetry with Olaf, and magical enhancements to the Walt Disney Theatre make this a “can’t miss” experience on the Wonder. When you consider that the ship is moving while the actors/actresses perform this show, we’d say it’s even better than Broadway caliber!

Disney Frozen Show Disney Wonder Costumes

The costumes for the Frozen, A Musical Spectacular were amazingly detailed!

"Frozen, A Musical Spectacular"

Exclusively aboard the Disney Wonder in the Walt Disney Theatre, “Frozen, A Musical Spectacular” tells the classic story from the animated feature “Frozen” and is presented like never before with an innovative combination of traditional theatrical techniques, modern technology and classic Disney whimsy. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Check out our playlist of the newly reimagined Disney Wonder to see even more of this amazing cruise ship.