Two Traveling Dads Walk Into a Bar

A recent work trip took me back to my old stomping ground of Austin, Tex. I reached out to fellow TDAD Josh Rodriguez, as no trip to Austin is complete without sharing a beer with this gentleman (and scholar!). Upon my arrival at Austin Bergstrom Airport, I texted him asking of his whereabouts and his reply was, “Austin Beerworks.” Visit Austin Beerworks Brewery? That wasn’t on my list for my quick two day jaunt into the liberal heartbeat of Texas.

GPS input and 20 minutes later, I parked and pulled up to this Gotham looking establishment, wondering if Batman was going to rappel down at any second.

Visit Austin Beerworks Brewery | Pic: R. Ocampo

Visit Austin Beerworks Brewery | Pic: R. Ocampo

Top 5 Reasons to visit Austin Beerworks Brewery

  1. Mighty Fine Beer – Austin Beerworks brews their Core Four beers at the brewery and they are incredibly tasty. I’m a pilsner guy, myself, so nursed a few Pearl Snaps most of the night.
  2. Ridiculously Friendly Staff – we were there quite late one weekday and asked about brewery tours. The lights were off. Nobody was in the newly minted brewery 2.0, which you can see from the tap room. One of the bartenders asked the manager if he could cover the bar while he gave us a tour. He didn’t know who we were – that we are travel writers. He was just a great dude wanting to show us what we wanted to see….and it was magnificent as you can see from the video below.
  3. Indoor/Outdoor – whether you want to head in and absorb some of that air conditioned air, or step outside and let the humidity do a number to your lady’s hair, you have options!
  4. Brewery Tours – if you haven’t been to the brewery, you’re missing out. The level of sophistication, not to mention money, that’s under the roof is nothing to scoff at. The place is impressive!
  5. Kid Friendly – there is enough room outside for the kids to hang without feeling guilty that the table next to you is getting annoyed.

Scenes from the Austin Beerworks Brewery