Does your tween love roller coasters?

Ours sure does!

Tuesday August 16th was National Roller Coaster Day, a celebration of the king of thrill rides! Our 10 year old daughter just had to join in on the fun, as she’s a roller coaster fanatic! We celebrated by riding every Sea World roller coaster in one day!


Sea World was kind enough to arrange this awesome event. Hunter (our daughter) just loves thrill rides. She couldn’t wait to get started!

Many might think a 10 year old, petite little girl would not be up for a day of coasters that includes a hyper-coaster, a floorless coaster, and a flying coaster. Our tween roller coaster lover, though will take on even the most daunting coasters with unabated enthusiasm!

tweens on roller coasters

Over the course of our day at Sea World, Hunter rode 5 roller coasters. Manta, Atlantis, Kraken, Mako, and Shamu Express!

Manta Roller Coaster

The Manta roller coaster at Sea World Orlando is a flying steel roller coaster. This coaster starts out as a normal, floorless coaster until just before the ride starts, the coaster vehicle tilts until you’re face down! Picture yourself as Superman! Arms outstretched, chest towards the ground and you’re flying!

manta roller coaster

Manta is an incredible roller coaster that winds in and out of park areas, including a mock splash down as you round one corner. It’s quite possibly the best roller coaster in Orlando, but of course, that’s always open for debate.

Mako Hyper Roller Coaster

Of course, Sea World entered the fray of that debate on their own with the newest roller coaster at the park, Mako. Mako is what’s known as a hypercoaster. A hypercoaster is any roller coaster with a height or drop greater that 200 feet.

This new coaster reaches speeds over 70 miles per hour and has an initial drop of 200 feet! That’s a long way up in the sky! It’s Hunter’s favorite coaster, any where! She’ll ride it over and over again. Just picture it, 200 feet in the air, 70+ miles per hour, and a 10 year old girl loving every minute of it! How’s the stomach doing, Dad?



Journey to Atlantis Roller Coaster

Journey to Atlantis is more like a water roller coaster than a traditional style coaster. Still very fun and you might even get wet! It can be a refreshing ride on a hot Florida day.

This roller coaster only has a 60 foot drop, so after Mako, this one is a breeze. You get to hear the tale of the mythical land of Atlantis during your ride.

journey to atlantis roller coaster

Kraken Roller Coaster

The Kraken roller coaster is one of the only coasters that has ever made me feel sick to my stomach. It’s a floorless coaster, but unlike the floorless coasters where you’re dangling below the track, this one has you sitting above it and it creates a very strange feeling as you ride. You can see the 7 inversions on this roller coaster coming before you even reach them. It can be an over-powering sensation.

kraken roller coaster

Shamu Express Roller Coaster

Last, but certainly not least was the Shamu Express roller coaster. This is Sea World’s roller coaster for younger guests that aren’t quite big enough (or brave enough) for the larger roller coasters on property.

The coaster is a steel train style ride in the Shamu’s Happy Harbor section of the park. The train is designed to resemble the park’s iconic mascot, Shamu the Killer Whale.

Hunter rode all 5 Sea World roller coasters in one day (some even twice). Do you think you’re tween would like to take on a similar challenge? What’s your favorite roller coaster? Let us know, maybe Hunter and I will come out and give that one a try!