We emerged from the dimly-lit steakhouse, our bellies full of porterhouse, gulf shrimp, and spirits, our eyes full of northwest Florida sunlight, and naturally our very first thought was, let’s shoot a photography tips video in one take with no rehearsal.

Because that’s how we roll at Traveling Dad.

Watch the video embedded herein and you’ll realize pretty early on that I am merely in it to serve as facilitator and eye candy, assuming you like weird, aging candy. The muscle behind this project is Emmy-award winner JD Andrews, who dispensed all the tips and did a masterful job of editing the video; and Jeff Bogle, who gamely shot the video and makes a cameo during the actual tips portion.

As for the actual tips portion:

  • You’ll hear Jeff say “friends don’t let friends shoot vertical video,” underscoring a point illustrated by JD;


    This will make more sense when you watch the video.

  • You’ll learn that you should “try to look around and see things from a different angle. A lot of times, [what transforms] a shot from good to great is just movement,” suggests JD;
  • You’ll never look at a shower cap the same way again.



This video was shot on location at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa, who sponsored the trip that enabled us to travel to the Miramar Beach property and experience several activities that will be documented in future Traveling Dad posts. Opinions were not directed by the sponsor and are, as always, our own.