Technology can do wonders for us when we travel with children. Tablets can entertain our kids during long layovers or on flights, iPhone games distract us from the unpleasantries of travel – in fact, it’s hard to imagine traveling before phones, tablets and computers. I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure –  and I’ve developed a kit that has my must-have items for smooth travel between destinations. Let’s walk through my must-have items.

Bluetooth speaker

I listen to tunes pretty much all day. And when I get to my hotel after a day of traveling or even in the mornings while I’m getting ready, I like to rock out. My Jawbone Jambox Mini is my go-to speaker because it produces great sound, in a small little package. The Jambox Mini can fit in your hand, fill even a large hotel room up with tunes and has 8-10 hours of battery life, which means you can rock out for multiple days without having to worry about re-charging it.

Jawbone’s Jambox Mini can even act as a speaker for your phone, enabling you to take a group call should you need to while on a business trip. You can grab it in a multitude of colors and is about $80 on Amazon.

Two battery packs

Dead gadgets are worthless gadgets. Or – to use an acronym, when on vacation you should ABC: always be charging. 🙂

To keep your phone, tablet or other gadget charged up, I recommend you carry two battery packs. Why two? Because I recommend having two different types of chargers for different situations.

For the first charger, buy a large capacity battery for your car or checked-in luggage that has 20,000+ mAh such as this Anker one.

Anker Battery

Also, carry a more portable charger to keep your devices juiced up on the go. I regularly carry this 5,000 mAh charger in my back pocket – it also fits easily in my backpack or wife’s purse.

Anker small battery

An added benefit to carrying more than one battery pack is that in the event one is dead or needing juice, you can charge it back at the hotel and use your one charged one whilst on the go. 🙂

Always have an outlet – bring your own!

While we’re talking about keeping devices juiced up, let’s talk about plugs. It seems that at the airport, when you really need to charge up your iPhone, you can *never* find an open spot where a plug is. Enter the Monster Power-To-Go power strip, that allows you to plug three devices plus a USB cable so everyone can party down while powering.

Monster Power To Go

Also, if you travel internationally, you can use just one universal power adapter then the Monster Power-To-Go to charge 4 devices off of one plus. Win!

Bonus: Beat bad hotel wifi with a wireless router

Have you ever been in a situation where the wifi is terribly slow in your hotel room? Many rooms come with an ethernet cord or wired connection – with blazingly fast speeds. For this case, I always travel with an Apple Airport Express or other travel wifi router so I can utilize the fast speeds offered by the wired connection. Whether it’s for streaming Netflix, working from my hotel room or streaming music, my Airport Express never lets me down! 🙂