When you venture out on a road trip, the right equipment and gear is key. Of course we need our smartphones for getting around and staying in touch, gadgets for staying entertained, but what about us, the weary traveler? It’s important to have a few items that enable you to take care of you. For me, having a cold drink is important to staying well while on the road. I dislike using bottled water because it’s wasteful and cold tap water is available at virtually every roadside stop.

Our family of five already has water bottles for the kids – and they’re great. We love them. However, for when I’m driving, I want a tumbler with a lid because removing a lid on a bottle isn’t safe while driving.

Thrilled to try out the new @hydroflask 22 ounce tumbler! #tdads #tmom

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Enter the HydroFlask Tumbler, which was just released by the Oregon-based company. There are many insulated tumblers on the market, including ones from RTIC, Yeti and more, which are all great in their own ways. HydroFlask’s take on the tumbler is well done because it’s fully insulated and designed for easy integration into your roadtrip life.

The company constructed the tumbler to be narrow in order to fit into most cupholders and in one hand. I’m a huge fan of the texture and color choices HydroFlask has extended to the tumbler line that comes in 22-ounce and 32-ounce sizes. HydroFlask tumblers keep drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, so it’s great for cold sodas and hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Unlike other tumblers on the market, HydroFlask’s is unique because the included lid itself is insulated, keeping your drink super cold or hot. Also, it’s sweat free, BPA-free and comes with a lifetime warranty.

HydroFlask Tumbler

I recently bought two 22 ounce tumblers, one for my wife and myself. They’re great because even two of them can fit side-by-side in our Subaru Forester and our Honda van, which is awesome. We fill them up with cold carbonated water at any fast-food place so we have ice cold water whenever we need it.

One thing to note: these tumblers must be hand-washed. Using a dishwashing machine will expose the cup to temperatures that affect the insulation inside the cup’s walls and will affect its utility.