spring break travel planning is still in the works for many of usIf there’s a reason that procrastination so gracefully rhymes with vacation I’d like to think it’s because I often wait until the last minute to make family travel plans for spring break (if I make any at all) and according to a recent survey, I’m not alone.

Evidently a relatively whopping 28 percent of us – the us being respondents in a joint Traveling Dad/Traveling Mom/Vacatia survey released today – say we tend to figure out our spring break vacation plans at the last minute.

And what feels like good news – at least for procrastination vacation planners or procrasticationers (trademark pending)  – is that the next highest group of respondents – 29 percent –  said they only close the lid on their spring break plan a mere month before their family vacations. Twenty-three percent of respondents said they finalize their planning two months ahead of time, and 19 percent of irritating overachievers alleged they had their 2017 spring break plans nailed down before end-of-year 2016.

A resort residence rental can make things less icky

The survey also found, not too surprisingly, that many of us find certain aspects of planning “icky”: Coordinating schedules was the ickiest chore (said 38 percent of respondents) and only slightly less icky was agreeing on a budget (36 percent) followed by finding a destination that makes everyone happy (32 perecent) and choosing accommodations that will satisfy the entire brood (24 percent).

Couple the ickiness of finding suitable accommodations with the fact that one in six survey respondents said they will bring friends as well as family along during spring break, and you have a need that Vacatia, which specializes in resort residence rentals with full-service hotel perks, is happy to fill.

“Our guests increasingly are booking our larger resort rentals – two-bedroom, three-bedroom or larger –or booking multiple resort residences to accommodate their friends and extended family members,” says Caroline Shin, CEO and cofounder of Vacatia.

Another interesting headline from the survey, which was compiled from more than 700 responses between February 22 and March 10, 2017, is that more than one third of respondents say they plan to go someplace new this year versus last year.

And if you’re a procrastinationer and haven’t yet booked last year’s destination for your family, you’re likely going someplace new this year at this point anyway. So don’t you think you should, you know, go plan your spring break family trip already?

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