ft4rl-300x204Ever wondered how to get started using airline miles and hotel points to travel around the world for free (or cheap)?

Join me at Family Travel for Real Life on October 24th in Tysons Corner, Virginia.Organized by Dia Adams (“The Deal Mommy”), this is the third Family Travel for Real Life (#FT4RL) conference and this time I am honored to have been selected as one of the speakers.My topic is “Panning for Gold in Category 1: Hotel Tips, Tricks, and Steals,” which will focus on how to find hotels even in the lower ranges of hotel awards (ones that require as few as 2000 points/night!)

Here is the full speaker lineup:
I have been to the first two Family Travel for Real Life conferences and had a great time. To get an idea of the kinds of things that you’ll learn about, here is the recap of my live blogging from the last Family Travel for Real Life conference.

But in addition to that, all of the speakers and attendees are super friendly. In the past we’ve gone out to dinner on the Friday and/or Saturday nights and last time we all got together and recorded a podcast!

The motto / mission statement of the Family Travel for Real Life Conference isTravel with kids is not only possible, but necessary. By sharing the world with our children, we expand both their minds and our own, creating a lifetime’s worth of wonder that can come no other way.Tickets are $79 and can be purchased at the event page.

I hope you’ll consider joining us!