I have written many times before about how I am trying to visit every county in the United States.  There are (about) 3143 countis (the actual number keeps changing but as usual, Wikipedia will hook you up)

I support the Extra Miler club, whose motto is:

The shortest distance between two points is no fun

In addition to their website, they have a pretty active Facebook group as well, if you’re into that kind of things.  So when I started planning a trip to Texas with my son,

Planning to get to Texas

We knew that one of the things that we definitely wanted to do was to hike to the highest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak

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A trip to Carlsbad Caverns would be another must see on our trip, and those were the highlights we planned on.  Using miles and points I looked at available flights from our home in Ohio out to Texas.  El Paso is the closest major city to both Guadalupe Peak and Carlsbad Caverns, but the award availability and flight timings just didn’t work out, so we ended up booking direct flights into Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and renting a car

Texas County Trip

Plus, driving from Dallas to El Paso meant more counties!  I joked with the guy at the rental car company on how we were going from Dallas to El Paso –

I’m from Ohio so I saw that Dallas and El Paso were in the same state, so I figured they were close together… 🙂

We had used Autoslash, my go to rental car tool to get a pretty good deal on the car, and set out across nearly 2000 miles of driving over the course of a long weekend.  Sounds like fun, no?

Here is my county map, which I track at mob-rule.com

The section in the light blue were the 45 new counties we visited in West Texas and New Mexico.

A few highlights from our Texas county roadtrip

Whenever I tell people about how I’m trying to visit every county in the country, usually they think I said “country” and then when they realize I said “county”, I’m met either with incredulity or an eye-roll.  For the record, generally my wife is okay with these types of county detours, as long as they’re not excessive.  Once I start taking an extra long time, turning around at county lines, or driving down dirt roads, then I start getting “the look”

It was just my 14 year old son and I, and he is also fairly interested in tracking his counties, so we had a good time.  Here were a few of our highlights

  • Guadalupe Peak
  • Carlsbad Caverns (SEE ALSO: Is a half day enough time to visit Carlsbad Caverns?)
  • Loving County, Texas – the county in the US with the smallest population – total of 82 people
  • The Marfa Lights – a scientific phenomenon of unexplained lights at night.  Aliens, anyone?
  • My son is still very interested in Pokemon Go, so we played that whenever we would go through a city.  One of the things I remember about this trip was Sunday morning on our way back to Dallas to catch our flights, he had seen that the campus of Abilene Christian University was a Hitmonchan “nest” so we drove / walked around campus for about 30 minutes trying to find one (we failed)
  • And of course, the Texas shaped waffle at one of our hotels!

Shoulda added more batter – my waffle didn't quite turn out

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What about you?  What are some of your Texas roadtrip highlights?  Anything we missed?