Awhile ago, my wife and I took one of our first getaway trips in our 15+ years of marriage.  Using credit card miles and points, we booked a trip to San Juan Puerto Rico.  We spent a long weekend in San Juan, and one of those days we went into Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Puerto Rico is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, so since I like to update my travel maps, it seemed like a natural fit!

Old San Juan from the fort; photo by Dan Miller

San Juan from the fort; photo by Dan Miller

We spent a good chunk of the day there, visiting the old fort (El Morro), and El Castillo de San Cristobal.  Old San Juan has a free trolley system that helps you navigate the old city.  We used that a few times, and on one trip I sat next to an old Puerto Rican who was drunk.  And by “drunk” I mean that when I asked him (in Spanish) how he was doing, he said “Estoy borracho” (I’m drunk).  Further contributing to my expert analysis was the fact that he was actively drinking out of a bottle in a paper sack :-).

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