AT&T recently loaned me an LG G5 to review. In this exhaustive review, I check out the phone’s camera quality, battery life and over all ‘bang for the buck’ rating.


I’ve become an LG fan since 2014 when I first bought a Nexus 5. Since then, I’ve used both an LG G4 and LG V10 as my primary phones. Amongst an army of Android phone makers, I enjoy LG’s commitment to camera excellence, removable battery and removable storage. Also, from a design perspective, LG phones stand out and look as good as they perform (to this reviewer’s eyes, at least).

After a string of delivering great experiences on Android phones, can they deliver yet again with the LG G5? Let’s dig in.

Introduction and first impressions

LG unveiled the G5 at Mobile World Congress back in February and aimed to deliver a top-end phone that could be accessorized through add-on modules called “Friends”. These modules included a camera grip to enhance mobile photography, a sound module to create a high-fidelity audio experience and more. LG’s Friends attach to the phone at the bottom, which is also the way you swap out the battery.

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