In early November I was one of “five guys just sitting around talking, drinking, eating, seeing and doing stuff,” to quote myself in the video above, which in a shade under six and a half minutes gives you an exhausting if not exhaustive walk-through of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, where I was hosted for four days as part of a “man fam” trip, aka mancation.

As you’ll hear if you choose to watch the video with sound, I share some useful travel information about the resort, off Florida’s Atlantic Coast and not far from Jacksonville, which you’ll want to fly into if you’re planning to visit.

What You’ll See in my Omni Walk-Through Video

  • The beach and pool area. During this segment I bust out some crazy statistics about Amelia Island and the resort.
  • The Omni’s lobby, where for some reason I began whispering as if I was passing through the world’s most uptight library. Which was an odd narration choice, because the vibe of the resort and its environs is the opposite of that, in some ways more “Hakuna Matata” than some of the resorts I’ve stayed in Kenya, if you can stand that insufferable reference to the fact that I’ve been to Africa and know a laid-back resort when I see one.
  • My king bed guest room, where my favorite thing was the balcony whose view of the beach bathed by the rising and setting sun never disappointed. I also really liked the light that dutifully snapped on every time I opened the closet.
  • As I say in the video, I’m not a mattress expert, but my bed was way more comfortable than my mattress at home, which my wife and I bought nearly 20 years ago and it was too firm too begin with, but I digress.
Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

yes, I should have put some lamps on for this photo

  • The outside of the spa and the outside of the nature center. I didn’t explore the inside of either but I did partake in a satisfying kayak ride, which I’ll write about soon.
  • The Omni’s shops area, including a nifty deli that I describe as “Cracker Barrel meets winery meets…Williams Sonoma,” and I hasten to add that I like all those places, especially Cracker Barrel.
  • I also explored some of the nature trails, somewhat inexplicably ranged up and down some of the vehicular paths, and cut through a few parking lots.

All in under seven minutes, people.

I don’t want to overpromise, but I’ll stand behind something I say in the video: I guarantee at least some of it will be interesting.

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