While my daughter and I were in New York City a few months ago, we decided to take a New York City pizza tour.  Our family loves pizza (who doesn’t!) and one of our favorite family traditions is homemade pizza every week.  After doing a bit of research, we decided on Scott’s Pizza Tours, a company based in Manhattan that runs a variety of different pizza tours.  Our tickets were $40 and take you to 3 different pizzerias in New York.  1 child 4 years old or younger can come for free per paying adult (As long as you don’t mind sharing your pizza!)

Lombardi’s Pizzeria

Our meetup place was actually in front of a bar / restaurant called Gatsby’s

It was not till the tour started that we realized this was actually the original site of Lombardi’s Pizza, the first pizzeria in the United States (1905).  They had to move around the corner from their original location when the subway came through too close to their pizza oven.


In addition to 3 slices of pizza (which actually ended up being 5 slices since 4 of them were 1/2 sized), the pizza tour includes your own pizza notebook which lets you rate the different pizza slices you enjoy on your NYC pizza tour.



Clearly you can see that I am an “open-facer”, which is of course the one and only true way to eat pizza 🙂

We got 2 different slices at Lombardi’s – the first one was a more traditional pizza pie


You can see my rating and description of this pizza pie in my journal


The second was called a “white pie”, with no sauce but ricotta and mozzarella cheeses.

Continuing the New York Pizza Tour

After learning more about the history of pizza and enjoying our pizza slices, it was time to continue on the pizza tour – we had 2 more stops, to La Margarita and Williamsburg Pizza


For the conclusion of our adventures in pizza, including the piece of pizza that we rated #1 on our pizza tour, see 5 things you don’t hear about Scott’s Pizza Tours, originally published on Points With a Crew