The all new Jimmy Fallon ride at Universal Studios Florida celebrated it’s grand opening, yesterday with several celebrities joining Jimmy Fallon, including Duane “The Rock” Johnson and Pit Bull to commemorate Jimmy’s new ride.

jimmy fallon ride

“Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” is the newest ride at Universal Studios in Orlando.  This ride is a high speed attraction around New York City.  You will face Jimmy Fallon and some other fun characters from NBC’s “The Tonight Show” as you zoom around Manhattan, subways, and even over skyscrapers.  It sounds like such an amazing ride…right?  I know a lot of people have been anxiously waiting for this new ride.

Jimmy Fallon Ride “Race Through New York”

We had the chance to experience the new Jimmy Fallon ride during a soft opening just prior to the official grand opening. Check out our video of the experience. The video should start at the ride experience, but if not, you can jump to 9:53 in.

To experience this ride, you have to get your “ticket to the show.” This is Universal’s new “virtual line” system. Head on over to the Metropolis Tribune to get your ticket with a return time.

When you return, you’ll have your ticket checked and head on in to the NBC Studios in New York City. This is the best part of the ride. That’s right, the best part of the ride is the queue line.

Inside, you find icons of NBC Studios history, including the well-known peacock logo as it’s grown through the years. You will also see tributes to all the former hosts of the Tonight Show, including Jimmy Fallon.

You will be given a small, plastic ticket once inside the Studios color-coded to the NBC peacock. We got purple.

Then, wander around the Studios, both downstairs and upstairs. You will want to be upstairs when it’s your turn to ride.

Upstairs, you’ll find games and chargers for your phones, as well as couches. It’s like Universal Studios version of the “green room” on the Jimmy Fallon show.

You will also see a stage where  you will experience live entertainment that any Jimmy Fallon fan will recognize, like the Ragtime Gals.

Jimmy Fallon Ride Experience

Remember that color-coded card you received? Well, when the lights upstairs change to your color, you get to…wait for it…..get in line! Ha!

That’s right, you have been milling around the Studios waiting to get in line. Fortunately, for us, we didn’t wait long and then we were shuttled to……..another line.

In this final line, you will feel like you’re in a Jimmy Fallon version of the Minions fart gun queue line scene. You watch a video of Jimmy Fallon, themed to Universal Orlando with a brief introduction of what you’ll do on the ride, which is to race Jimmy through New York City.

Jimmy Fallon Ride Race Through New York

The ride itself is the exact same ride vehicle as the Minion ride, but with audience-style chairs instead of benches. Like the Minion ride, you will sit on the movable platform while watching a 3d movie of you racing Jimmy through the streets and waterways of New York City. Along the way, you’ll bump into some of your favorite characters from Jimmy’s show.

Of course, after the ride concludes, Universal dumps you out into a gift shop, filled with Jimmy Fallon shirts, his “tight pants,” and you can even buy a Hashtag the Panda costume. Speaking of Hashtag, you also have photo opportunities with him, just outside the gift shop.

That’s the queue line and ride in a nutshell. Are you looking forward to this new ride at Universal Studios Florida? If you’ve been on the ride, did it meet with your expectations?