The new Destination Mars Experience at Kennedy Space Center takes you on a trip to the planet Mars. It’s incredible!

In addition to going to Mars, my daughter got to meet Buzz Aldrin! That’s right, Buzz Aldrin! You know, one of the first people to ever step foot on the moon!



destination mars experience buzz aldrin and curiosity

We attended the grand opening of this new attraction at Kennedy Space Center and had a great time. The Experience is now open and you can visit this attraction with your admission to the KSC Complex until January 2017, but we do recommend you make a time slot reservation as soon as you arrive at the Complex.

After January of 2017, this attraction will be as unreachable as the actual Mars planet, as it will no longer be at Kennedy Space Center.

Destination Mars Experience

Ever dreamed of walking on the surface of the planet Mars?

The new Destination: Mars Experience gives visitors to the Kennedy Space Center complex the chance to see and “experience” what it would be like to walk around the red planet. Brought to life by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory researchers, the Destination Mars Experience mixes the users actual environment with virtual elements to produce a “mixed reality” view of Mars. This creates a world where real and virtual objects can interact.

destination mars experience with erisa hines

Buzz Aldrin serves as your guide in this mixed reality experience of a portion of the planet Mars that has been explored and mapped out by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover. You will experience real images from the planet Mars. Users “walk” through the exact terrain that the Curiosity Rover is exploring on Mars!

“As we prepare to send humans to Mars in the 2030s, the public will now be able to preview the experience the astronauts will have as they walk and study the Martian surface,” said Dave Lavery, Program Executive for Solar System Exploration at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

All images from NASA used with permission.