Magic Kingdom: Gimme a Break!Join John Vanda and Kevin Gillooly on their ongoing podcasting adventure as they give a dad’s perspective on how to handle a day at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

You’ll get a chance to learn why John can’t ever seem to get a full bowl of cereal, what makes Kevin a true Disney sherpa, and all of the great attractions where a dad can catch a break during a typical hectic day.

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Don’t miss this episode, where we introduce recurring segments like “Stump the Host,” and “John Knows Something Kevin Doesn’t Know!”

1:20 Disney Current Events
7:33 Why can’t John get a full bowl of cereal?
8:05 Kevin is a sherpa, and shows off his Magic Kingdom knowledge
14:00 Can you spend an entire day at Magic Kingdom with a 10-12 year old?
17:00 Where can a dad catch a breather!?
28:13 John knows something Kevin doesn’t know (more rare than a unicorn sighting)
30:39 Stump the Host


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