Lyft (and Uber, and other ride sharing services) seem to fill that void of things that 10 years ago didn’t exist and now we can’t seem to live without!  Since I live out in the suburbs, I don’t have a ton of use for Lyft or Uber – in fact, I actually have a few $10 credits that I’m having trouble using because I have a car and everywhere I want to go… I just go… in my car 🙂

In any case, there’s no denying that they are super helpful for people that live in more urban areas as well as for when you’re traveling and don’t have easy access to a car.

Adventuring with Lyft in Washington DC

A few months ago, I was in Washington DC for a conference.  The conference organizers had given us some free Lyft credits so I was using them to go around town to various activities.  I had used Uber a few times before, but this was the very first time I had used Lyft, and boy did it turn out to be a doozy!

I needed to go to the nearby Ritz-Carlton to buy some gift cards for the Amex offer of $100 off a $500 purchase.  Ritz-Carlton gift cards code as Marriott gift cards, which makes this a moneymaking deal (in addition to the Membership Rewards from the purchase itself)

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My driver picked me up in front of my hotel (the Marriott Marquis in Washington DC)

Map copyright OpenStreetMap contributors

My driver then turned right and right again.  But you’ll see that 10th street is a one-way street southbound.  I didn’t notice anything at first, but then I saw that the cars were parked on both sides and facing the wrong direction.  Once we crossed L street, a car started coming down the other way.  At that point, there was nothing that we could really do, so we just moved to the side of the road and inched past the oncoming traffic.  The other drivers rolled their window down and yelled at my Lyft driver ????

After that, the ride was pretty uneventful, because there isn’t much you can say about it!

If you have not signed up with Lyft yet, you can get $10 in ride credits if you’re a new user by using my Lyft referral link.  I also get something but I’m actually not sure what that is ????

Not a big deal

It wasn’t a huge deal to me since people make mistakes and I didn’t mind the adventure.  Certainly I make mistakes all the time! (Like this, or this) – I thought it was kind of humorous which was why I wanted to share it.  But when I originally shared my story over on Points With a Crew, it must have gotten picked up / posted on a Uber / Lyft driver’s forum, because all of a sudden I got tons of people calling me names for posting about this.

Again, I didn’t think it was a big deal, which is why I didn’t post the driver’s name or any identifying information!

Have you ever had a crazy Uber or Lyft experience like that?  Let us know in the comments!