That’s right, all my cash was lost at the TRex Cafe! Can you believe it?

I can explain, but first, let’s take a look at the TRex Cafe and what it’s all about.

TREX Cafe Disney Springs

The T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs offers a menu for large appetites with paleolithic entertainment at your table.

T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs

Owned by the same company that operates Rainforest Cafe and Yak & Yeti, T-Rex Cafe offers an American style menu with a dinosaur era theme to entertain while you dine. While we visited, we sat in the meteor shower area that provides a spectacular show about every 20 minutes that includes a meteors raining down from over head.

Be aware, the show can be very loud for younger guests. Our kids were originally quite scared of this show when they were younger. Now, they’re mesmerized by it. They even put down their cell phones!

TRex Cafe Meteor Shower Room

The TRex Cafe Meteor Shower Room offers guests a paleolithic show about every 20 minutes.

Other rooms include the Ice Cave, Undersea area, and the Forest Area. Each room features a different theme from the era of the dinosaur and different show effects. You can request a specific room or area when making reservations.

TRex Cafe Merchandise

T-Rex also has a Build-A-Dino store where you can build your own stuffed dinosaur souvenir and many other dinosaur themed items, as well as T-Rex themed merchandise.

TRex Cafe Build A Dino Merchandise Store

Build your own stuffed dinosaur in the Build-A-Dino shop or find your favorite TRex Cafe merchandise in the shop.

TRex Cafe Food Review

The TRex Cafe menu is HUGE! And so are the portions. We tried a few different items based on our server’s recommendations and he did not steer us astray.

Dad went for the biggest, most popular dish on the menu, the Boneyard Buffet.

Boneyard Buffet at TRex Cafe Disney Springs

Get a heaping helping of ribs and chicken in the Boneyard Buffet from T-Rex Cafe in Disney Springs.

The Boneyard Buffet includes Fire-roasted Rotisserie Chicken, slow-roasted St. Louis style pork spareribs, waffle fries, and coleslaw. I normally do not like St. Louis style spareribs, but these were downright delicious! Literally, falling off the bone and the flavor was fantastic.

The chicken was great, too. Cooked over an open fire in a display kitchen in the Meteor Shower Room, the flavor permeated throughout the entire chicken. It was flavorful and juicy right down to the bone.

Open Fire Pit for Rotisserie Chicken at TRex Cafe Disney Springs

The rotisserie chickens are cooked over an open fire pit at TRex Cafe in Disney Springs.

My wife (Mom) ordered the Mastadon Stuffed Chicken. This dish comes with artichoke hearts, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon butter, red skinned mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables. Our server said it was his favorite and it certainly looked delicious.

Mastadon Stuffed Chicken at TRex Cafe Disney Springs

Mommy loved the chicken and the portions are so big at T-Rex Cafe that she just could not finish it. That’s OK. Daddy came to the rescue. This dish was quite good, but I definitely preferred the Boneyard Buffet.

We also tried the mozzarella sticks appetizer, as our server mentioned that it was a new recipe.

Mozzarella Sticks at TRex Cafe Disney Springs

They were amazing. Seriously, best mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had. Super crispy breading, warm cheesy center. Great marinara sauce. Top notch.

As I mentioned, the portions at TRex Cafe are huge, so we didn’t have room for dessert, but I’m sure it would have been just as delicious as the rest of the meal.

All My Cash is Gone!

What’s that? How did we lose all our cash at TRex Cafe? You thought I’d forgotten to tell you the story, didn’t you?

Well, “I” didn’t lose all my cash, but my son did. He forgot his wallet in the booth when we left the restaurant. He didn’t realize it until many hours later at the Magic Kingdom. After checking the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train several times (he thought he may have dropped it out of his pocket during the ride), I finally called the restaurant. Sure enough, they had it.

Up to this point, there’s nothing particularly special about this lost and found wallet story. Boy loses wallet. Restaurant finds wallet. Restaurant holds wallet for pick up.

That all changes when I go in to pick up the wallet the next day. I brought my son along to retrieve it as a “life lesson” and to say thank you for finding and holding it. He actually had a fair amount (about $100) of cash in his money clip of a wallet — very visible and noticeable to anyone finding it.

After the manager took us back behind the bar area to get his wallet, he handed my son his wallet and asked, “Is it all there?” My son quickly said thank you and yes without even looking at the wallet. The manager said, “No, check the wallet. Be sure all your money is still there.” The manager waited while my son took out the cash and counted it to make sure it all was still safely in his wallet.

I was stunned! We fully expected some or all of the money to be gone, so it was nice that it was there, but for the manager to stop everything else he had going on to make sure my son had all of his money returned was nothing short of amazing customer service.

This experience really put a bow on what was truly an excellent experience at TRex Cafe. From the management to the server to the food quality and entertainment, the TRex Cafe lived up to being a Disney-level guest service experience and more. Thank you, from my son and my family for a memory we won’t soon forget.

The T-Rex Cafe is included on certain Disney Dining Plans and reservations are recommended. Check with your travel agent or Disney Guest Relations for details on your specific vacation requirements.