Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

Gift Ideas for Him

Travel Gift Ideas for Him | Image: R. Ocampo

We, at TravelingDad, want to share some gift ideas for him, the modern traveler in your life. With only about two weeks left before Christmas, your window of shopping is quickly closing. We have included different items ranging from $10 to $400. In this list are items for the travel warrior to the annual trip planner.

The items were selected based on what we use on our excursions around the world. You’ll find a Lumix camera – considered the best point and shoot camera for travel. Next on the list is a well-designed, travel bag from the New York-based Solo company. Lastly, you’ll find inexpensive stocking stuffing items that are good for any gentleman – young or not-so-young.

Don’t know what to get the guy that has it all? We’re here to help!

Lumix ($397.99)

Gift Idea for Him: Lumix ZS60 Camera | Pic: Panasonic

Gift Idea for Him: Lumix ZS60 Camera | Pic: Panasonic

There is no shortage of quality cameras on the market and I don’t purport to be an expert on them all. I can tell you that the Lumix camera is a great gift for him, regardless of the amount of travel for the guy in your life. The Lumix shoots impeccable photos with a resolution of 16 Megapixels.

I’ve used this camera on trips around the world capturing images as simple as a butterfly on a flower to video at a concert. The Lumix does not disappoint. There is a newer model out, that you may want to consider if you want to spend more money. The new model shoots video in 4k but if the object is more for still images, it may be overkill.

One of the best features of the camera is what it’s WiFi capable. I’ve always found it challenging to take pictures with stand-alone cameras (versus a phone) and have to wait until I had a computer to upload the images. The Lumix allows you to setup a network connection so that you can upload your best photos to your phone. Once you upload there you can post to social media or elsewhere to show off your skills.

You can purchase the Lumix online or at electronic stores around the country.

Travel Bag from Solo ($42.99)

Solo Velocity Backpack Duffel Bag

Solo Velocity Backpack Duffel Bag | Pic: R. Ocampo

I spotted a Solo Velocity Duffel Backpack bag at the Orlando International Airport on a recent trip. I was drawn to it because of the easy access to the laptop compartment, which is key to getting through airport security without delay. The same pocket holds an iPad or Kindle comfortably. I often travel via TSA PreCheck but some airports and/or airlines aren’t integrated so you have to pull out your laptop at security. The Solo duffel allows quick laptop retrieval, due to a separate zipper atop the bag – no more fumbling!

This is a great gift for the traveler in your life, especially because it has has a lot of flexibility for every day use. I particularly like the separate section for shoes. I’m a bit anal, complete with OCD, and it bothers me to have the bottom of dirty shoes touch anything. Keeping a pair of shoes in its own slot helps me stay sane.

Solo Duffel Bag, Gift Ideas for Him

Solo Duffel Bag | Pic: Ocampo


I found the two, small side zippers particularly useful on foreign travel. They are the perfect size for a passport and allow for easy access. The two larger side pockets are ideal for carrying a water bottle with you. This is helpful when you are at the airport. I typically travel with an empty water bottle or nalgene container. Once through security, I’ll fill it at the water fountain and have plenty to drink without having to wait for the flight attendant to get to my row in-air. This tip was especially useful when I was in my 20’s when traveling the day after a night out with adult beverages.

Solo bags may be ordered here or at a travel store near you.

Hanes X-Temp ($15)

Hanes X-Temp Gift Ideas for Him

Hanes X-Temp | Pic: Ocampo

No matter how old or young, a guy can always use underwear and socks. Those are a few of the items a guy doesn’t buy himself. Why? It’s not fun. Hanes has a new line called X-Temp. X-Temp fabric, including socks, undershirts and underwear, is designed to respond to body temperature to keep it dry and cool. Hanes sent me X-Temp no show socks and undershirts to try out. I now use the X-Temp socks every time I work out. Although I have no clue how it works, I can say that they work!

Whether you’re spending a pretty penny or a few pennies, try to not to get too stressed about the shopping process. No matter what you decide to get for those in your lives, it will be heart-felt and hopefully appreciated. Happy Holidays from TravelingDad.