“I look at my kids weird when they start screaming,” jokes Kevin James (with “Kevin Can Wait” co-star Erinn Hayes) about flying with his children.

Earlier today Traveling Dad bused it out to Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage, Long Island for a behind-the-scenes set tour of the CBS comedy “Kevin Can Wait” (which airs Mondays 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central). Prior to being shepherded around the set, we and a bunch of other family bloggers caught up with the series stars Kevin James and Erinn Hayes.

The actors are parents on the show and in real life – Hayes a mother of two, James a father of four – and in the process of trying to get some travel advice, we discovered that James and Hayes are a lot like us: They’re not perfect parents, nor do they expect you to be.

Here now, a slightly-edited version of my questions to the actors.

Traveling Dad: What’s your #1 travel tip for new parents?

Erinn: Don’t.


Kevin: [My kids] get carsick immediately. They want the windows down, they’re nauseous already. It’s Dramamine heaven. And then they’re all exhausted, and then they’re out cold by the time we get there.

Erinn: And their heads are bobbing all over and it’s making me so sad, [making me want to get in the backseat with them] so I can hold their heads up while they sleep.

Erinn noted that on one car trip she and her husband “got really cocky” trying to take a longer-than-normal drive and then the kids started crying, “and then I’m leaning over trying to nurse while they’re still strapped in…”

Kevin: That is a hard thing to do.



On set with “Kevin Can Wait” stars Kevin James and Erinn Hayes

Traveling Dad: How about flying, if I may ask?

Kevin: I’m a horrible flier, so I don’t care about my kids anymore. I have a couple drinks or whatever and I get on the plane and I literally pretend I don’t know them. Pretend they’re somebody else’s kids. I look at them weird when they start screaming. Pointing at them.


Erinn: I think scheduling the time of day is very important, so either they’re gonna be sleeping or they shouldn’t at all be sleeping, because you don’t want them overtired. And then you walk on the plane and you’re like {WHISPERING} ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…’ …but then whatever, everybody needs to be a kid,” she says, noting that she can’t understand passengers who get mad at kids on flights (echoing Donnie Wahlberg) “Oh, were you never a baby?”

Kevin: I was never the guy who would be, ‘I’m mad at the baby’, because I understand it, and now when I see [the crying baby] I feel for the guy.


“Kevin Can Wait” executive producer Andy Fickman gives family bloggers a behind-the-scenes tour of the series’ set in Bethpage, Long Island