Last week I spent 3 days at the JW Marriott Mexico City – a normal business trip & easy flight from where I live in South Florida.

The only difference was that it happened during my daughter’s 3rd birthday!

These are the tradeoffs business travelers have to make & luckily I have a very understanding family.

Thankfully there is WhatsApp nowadays, so I could with her “Happy Birthday” in the morning & talk with her about her day at bedtime.

But this post isn’t about virtual parenting, it’s about the great hotel I stayed in – the JW Marriott Mexico City Sante Fe.

JW Marriott Mexico City Sante Fe

Side note: when I lived in mexico city in the 1980s, Sante Fe was nothing more than a huge rubbish dump!

Now, Sante Fe is the business capital of Mexico City.

View from JW Marriott Mexico City to the business center of Sante Fe.

How times have changed.

And the JW Marriott Mexico City Sante Fe is THE business hotel in the business capital of Mexico City.

It’s definitely not a place for kids – business travelers only (I go there so often, the conceirge knows me).

Sleek & modern design, even on a very grey day.

The decor inside is very modern – think more “sophisticated” & less “Sesame Street”.

There are usually no kids in sight & the hotel is not what I would call kid-friendly.

The corporate rates are good, but mainly I stay there to collect Marriott points.

With Marriott status you get access to their great executive lounge, a nice (and quick) option for breakfast & snacks.

In the morning they have an omelet station, pre-made eggs, cold cuts, mexican food like huevos ranchers, bacon, potato, bread, cheese, and yogurt. All a mixture of American & local food.

The executive lounge is great for breakfast or quick snacks

This saves me paying for breakfast… and even sometimes dinner. If i can’t be bothered to order room service, I drop into the lounge & grab some snacks – cheese plates, fruits, nuts, fridges full of beers & wines.

I don’t want to give you the impression I’m there hanging out in the lounge – mainly I just sleep there.

The gym is good, but remember Mexico City is at high altitude.

Mexico City is at high altitude, so acclimate for a day or two before hitting the gym.

Exercise at your own peril!

If you feel your lungs can’t take it, there is also a nice pool that’s half indoor & half outdoor.

Indoor outdoor heated pool with a fantastic view.

Across the street is a very nice shopping mall with high-end brands called Samara Shops.

Other than this shopping center, there really isn’t anywhere to talk.

When you arrive, you’ll want to take an Uber or a taxi – there’s no public transport to the hotel.

Arriving into Mexico City.

When you’re in the hotel, you can contact the concierge to arrange for someone to pick you up & take you where you need to go.

Other nice features include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms
  • 24-hour room service
  • Complimentary ironing (2 items per stay)
  • Good Italian food (Quattro Gastronomia Italiana)
  • Delicious Mexican restaurant too (Cua Mexican)

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a fantastic feature.

This isn’t one of the fanciest JW Marriott hotels I’ve been to by far.

But it’s convenient location & amenities for business travelers make it a comfortable place to stay for a few days.