To keep up the Traveling Dad tradition, I’ll use my first post to introduce you to the blog & the family behind the newest TDAD member, Jet Set Daddy.

I’m still a beginning blogger, let’s be honest, my wife helps me with my blog more often than not, but I’m a seasoned traveler with a background that practically requires a blog.

Here Are The Facts

  • Name: Luiz Perl
  • Blog: Jet Set Daddy
  • Years as a Dad: 7
  • Family: Saira (wife), Sofia & Elisa (daughters)
  • Current Home: South Florida (near Fort Lauderdale)
  • Current Location: Depends when you read this – by the end of next month I will have been to 10 countries (Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Trinidad & Miami USA)
  • Travel Type: Business traveler during the week, family travel on weekend
  • Favorite Trips: Anywhere new doing something active
  • Most Exotic Trip: Road trip through Oman
  • Countries Visited: 63
  • Countries Lived In: 8
  • Languages Spoke: 5

Family Life

My wife Saira left the corporate world when our daughters were born and makes a full-time income with her blog She’s obsessed with blogging & basically dragged me into it. She’s a reluctant traveller & would be a total homebody if I let her. I guess that’s why we balance each other out so well. She loves some domestic chores like cooking & organizing, but would be on her computer 24/7 if we let her.

Our wedding in Genoa, Italy (2009)

Sofia is our firstborn & like any 7 year old, she loves to sing & swim & draw. South Florida offers an excellent bi-lit program, so she takes her classes in English in the mornings & repeats them in Spanish in the afternoons. It’s a charter school that we had to line up for 36 hours to get her into (yes, I slept in a tent on the sidewalk to get her in – at least the weather was nice).

Celebrating Sofia’s 1st birthday in Disneyland Paris (2011)

Elisa is a crazy 2nd born 3 year old – always frustrated & competitive. She loves going to nursery school where she can be queen bee & already has my sense of adventure. She hates staying home all day & races to the door whenever anyone opens it.

Elisa napping on a boat in Exuma, Bahamas (2017)

The kids are already addicted to travel & play “airport” at home, pretending to go to the airport on a trip, checking their luggage & boarding airplanes to anywhere & everywhere.

So it begins.

Pre-Dad Travel

Long before becoming a husband or a father, I was traveling.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in the 70s and then moved to Mexico City in the 80s.

Honeymoon boat trip through the Flooded Forest in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. (2009)

In the early 90s I moved to London, England where I lived on & off for 20+ years. For graduate school I lived in Barcelona & spent 6 months working & studying abroad in Sydney, Australia.

Ayers Rock, Australia (2003)

After school I lived in Madrid, Rome, London & Paris before landing in South Florida, where I am today. My wife is American, we met in Barcelona (on her semester abroad from Austin, TX), married in Italy and our daughters were born in London & Florida.

Family Trip Highlights

Family life hasn’t slowed us down.

Our daughter took her first transatlantic flight when she was 3 months old, from our home in London to visit my wife’s family in Dallas. We visited Dubai & Abu Dhabi when Sofia was just 9 months old. (Growing up in London is a transient affair, so I’ve ended up with have friends all over the world.)

Sofia at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi (2011)

Sofia’s first time in a swimming pool was at a hotel in Spain, when we went to a wedding when she was 16 months.

Even a 2nd baby didn’t stop us. When Elisa was 8 months old we took her, my parents & brother to visit Iceland for a week. I overheard a group of 20 year old backpackers saying “woa, cool baby”. I won’t pretend it was exactly easy, but it was definitely memorable.

8-month old Elisa visiting Strokkur Geysir, Iceland (2015)

The kids (and my wife) took their fist cruise when Elisa was 17 months & Sofia was 5 years old. It is not relaxing to take a 17 month old on a cruise, but we had a blast anyway.

With the kids getting older now, we can more easily go to remote places like Exuma.

Kid-Free Travel

We’re very lucky to have grandparents ready & willing to care for the kids – they seem to actually prefer it when my wife & I are not around!

In 2012 we went to Oman for 10 days. It was part resort & relaxation & party road trips adventure – the perfect combination.

Road trip through the desert toward Wahiba Sands, Oman (2012)

Then in 2016 we took off to Peru for just a long weekend. It was enough to see Machu Picchu & sightsee at a grown-up pace.

Kid-free trips to Machu Picchu, Peru (2016)

At the beginning of the year, we went for a long weekend to Havana, Cuba, which is easy enough to do from South Florida.

I have a business trip planned for Argentina in a few weeks & my wife will tag along. We’ll add a few days onto the business trip & make an adventure out of it.

Traveling Dad Goals

It’s an honor to officially become a Traveling Dad & I look forward to sharing my stories with you. Working for a multi-national company means I travel often for work as well. The travel schedule can be exhausting, but it’s a lifestyle I can’t resist.

I’ll share a mix of business travel & family travel, covering both long-distance flights with kids & executive suites.

If there is something specific you want to hear more about from me, leave me a comment below & let me know.