I like to travel and since I found out the tricks to using miles and points a few years ago, our family has definitely been traveling a LOT more.   Just in the past year, all or part of our family has been to New York City, Texas, California, Seattle, Disney World and much more.

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I am typically the vacation planner in our family, and the other day I realized that I am actually in the middle of planning FIVE different vacations (for 3 different families).  Each trip is in a different “stage” of planning, so I thought that it might be interesting to take a look at each of these vacations.  Here they are, in (rough) chronological order.

1. Disney World – April

Our family is heading back to Disney World in April as part of the Traveling Mom / Traveling Dad retreat.  Since this trip is coming up (soon!), we have most of these details ironed out.  We’re driving down so no flights to worry about, though we are getting a hitch put on our new van (to carry more luggage!)

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We have one hotel room nailed down as part of the conference, but that won’t fit our family of 8.  And while the other other day I did come up with the grand plan to try and sleep all 8 of us in one room, I knew that wasn’t a reasonable plan.  Unfortunately the hotel the conference is in is pretty much sold out, so I’ve had to make alternate arrangements with points earned from hotel rewards cards.  I am also shockingly late on booking the hotel rooms for the extra days that we will be there and driving to and from.

2. Peru – May

My wife and I are also planning on heading to Peru in May.  We have the skeleton of this trip already planned in that we have someone(s) watching the kids, and we have our flights booked for Peru.

(Photo Credit | Joe Cheung, asthejoeflies.com)

We also have the basic itinerary planned out and I know which hotels I want to stay at, but we don’t yet have our reservations booked.

I keep meaning to firm up some of these plans but I’m not doing a good job 🙂

3. Scotland – August

Now we get to the first of our trips for someone else.  I was working with my mom to surprise my stepdad with a trip to Scotland this summer.  He is very in to his Scottish heritage and in fact owns a kilt :-).  She ended up telling him about the trip (so they could coordinate) but they are still very much looking forward to it.

I’ve been periodically checking flight award availability and am waiting on the right flights to book it with airline miles.  The good news about this trip is that once I get the tickets then I am off the hook for the rest of the planning 🙂

Isle of Skye, Scotland (Photo Credit | Joe Cheung, asthejoeflies.com)

4. Sweden – Summer

Each year, my wife and I try to go on long-distance “dates” with each of our 6 children.  She takes 3 and I take 3 and the kids are the ones who are more or less in charge of the destinations.  I’ve written before about my trips with my son to Texas or my daughter to New York.

This year, one of my sons wants to go to Sweden, so he and I are planning on taking a few days there.  We just sent off for his passport, but planning is still in the early stages

5. New York City – New Year’s Eve

This last trip is paying back my friend who bartered babysitting with me for a trip for her and her family.  It’s been a long time, and we’ve tried a few times to get her trip going but haven’t been able to make it happen.

They are planning to be in New York for New Year’s Eve and I think we have the plans all squared away – just waiting on some points from travel rewards cards to transfer over to the right places and this trip (flights and hotel) will be booked.

I enjoy traveling and I enjoy planning but I have to say this is getting a bit ridiculous!

What about you?  Where are you planning to go in 2017 and beyond?  Leave a note in the comments