This month I set out on a golf trip for a friend’s birthday. While a group of us was going to be living it up in Bandon, OR for a few days golfing and drinking, my wife was going to take care of two kids under the age of 5 and working full-time. Here’s how you can pull that off too (let’s the moms aren’t reading this!). By the way, if my wife is reading this, I love you!  🙂


Tip #1 – Offer your wife a girls’ trip or something similar

I told my wife she can do the same thing I did! Just offering this provides a lot of benefits. You’re seen as compassionate, caring and understanding. This alone almost always seals the deal, but there are undoubtedly times when you’ll need to convince her further. In that case…


Tip #2 – Take care of the kids more before the trip (or before asking to go on the trip)

screaming kids

When you have hard evidence that you’ve been helping out a lot, you can make the case that you’re getting closer to even when you leave for a few days. You can take the kids out on the weekends, let your wife go out, or just let her relax without kids shouting in her ear. Whatever she wants to do, let her do it.


Tip #3 – Tell her it’s for a special occasion (or, the everyone-else-is-going-so-why-can’t-I technique)

Presumably, the previous 2 worked out, but if not, invoke everyone else in your attempts. I haven’t had to go this far, but since I mentioned there were 7 of us going, clearly, she wouldn’t want me to be the one left out.


Tip #4 – Fly (drive, ask, whatever) help (read as her mom or parents) so it’s more tolerable

grandma gifts

In the past, I’ve flown her mom out to help while I went on trips (mostly we travel together, but occasionally I have work or guy trips). For this trip, she was happy to do it alone, but generally this is definitely a win-win. Grandparents want to spend as much time as possible with grandkids and parents can use the extra help. Plus, grandkids love getting stuff from grandma and grandpa. So correction, it’s win-win-win. I’ve done the same when my wife’s gone on work trips, which brings me to tip #5…


Tip #5 – Use blackmail

Ok, so obviously this will almost certainly get all of us in trouble, but there are certain things that can help. If your wife has a trip or an outing that she’s going to or wants to go to, you can always ‘mention’ it subtly. That way, it seems more even when you’re heading out yourself.


Hopefully, these tips help with the trip you’ve been wanting to go on. If not, go back to high school and sneak out of the house! Next up, the report on Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.