The Round Rock in Round was was not lost but we were on a mission to find it!  I have been living in Central Texas for the past seven years and I have always wanted to visit the Round Rock that the city of Round Rock was named after.  It has been a natural landmark helping guide travelers.  If you ever wondered how to find The Round Rock in Round Rock, I have some tips for you!

How to Find The Round Rock in Round Rock

The Round Rock

How to Find The Round Rock in Round Rock

  1. If you are going to Google The Round Rock in Round Rock, Texas the only thing that came up for me was the Wikipedia page.  Also, I couldn’t find any directions to it.  For the easiest and best results “Google Memorial Park Round Rock, TX” and get directions to the park from where you are.
  2. The easiest place to park at is at Round Rock Memorial Park in Round Rock, Texas.  Also, don’t be like us and park at an emergency only vehicle entrance area.  Sorry City of Round Rock.
  3. Memorial Park located a couple hundred yards away from the rock. It is a an easy place to park and play.  Also, it’s a short walk to see the round rock and little legs can handle it.
  4. The Round Rock is located right next a semi busy road.  To get a good picture you might have to step on to the road.  I suggest going down to the creek bed or walking over to the sidewalk to get a picture of the rock because it can be rather dangerous standing in the middle of the street trying to get a good picture.  Also, the rock isn’t accessible and I would discourage trying to get to it and standing on it.
  5. Finally, take in the history.  You can still the 100 year old wagon tracks on the creek bed.  A few of the ruts are extremely deep.  Some even look like dinosaur footprints.
    How to Find The Round Rock in Round Rock

Our Visit to The Round Rock

A Little History of The Round Rock

The Round Rock was a guide for Indians and early settlers.  The round table shaped rock is located in the middle of Brushy Creek.  It was once and important low water crossing for wagons.  Also, Wagon tracks can still be seen along the creek bed. This giant stone is the name sake of Round Rock, Texas.

How to find the round rock in round rock

We love finding cool spots around town any fun places you like to explore?  Leave us a moment and we will try to see if we can find it!