Ever been to a ghost town?  Well if you are visiting Austin, Texas you can take a short drive out to J. Lorraine Ghost Town to be exact.

If you head down 290 East toward Houston you will see a tiny sign saying “ghost town – 1 mile” with an arrow pointing South.  After driving past the sign a few times we decided to drive down and see what the ghost town was all about.

The J. Lorraine ghost town is an 1800’s inspired town sitting on 4.5 acres near Austin, Texas.  It  is open year round, weather permitting of course, and is used for a variety of reasons.  It has hosted music concerts, wedding, movies have filmed on its grounds, and has a functioning saloon. The saloon is the main focal point of the ghost town and is right smack dab in the center of town.   The saloon offers beer, wine, and liquor for adults and is the home of $1.00 hot dogs.

Unfortunately, I was not able to sample the food but there were a few people eating and the burgers looked pretty good. Next time I head over I will have to order a beer and a burger to check it out.

It is a pretty amazing site to take in.  It isn’t originally from the 1800s but it is a pretty well done recreation.  The ghost town has a doctors office, a bank, a jail, an undertaker, and a fire house, a saloon, and a little chapel.  All are small and can be explored.  There are even props inside to showcase each building.  The undertaker has coffins and my kids asked if that was for halloween.

My kids had a fun time exploring the jail and even locked themselves up.  There are tons of things to take in and it is just fun to look at everything.  I keeping this photo below to show my boys when they get in trouble!  I am going to joke that they were in jail when they were younger. Classic Dad joke!

My recommendation is to keep an eye on the kids.  There are a few broken boards and areas that may not be safe due to the nature of the buildings.  Also, if you have really little ones let them wander around but keep a close eye on them.  Let the older ones roam free.  Let the birds fly!

Every so often the ghost town has fun attractions. On the day we went there was a local art show and there were some tattoo artists, and local artists exhibiting their work.

If you ever drive by Austin, swing by the ghost town and take some cool pics.

Ghost Town Austin Texas

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Ghost Town Austin Texas