With the 2016 World Series ongoing, many fans of either the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians are buying tickets as well as traveling to either Chicago or Cleveland to watch their team.  Personally, being originally from Cleveland, I am looking forward to the Indians trying to capture their first World Series title since 1948.  Cubs fans have an even longer drought, as the Cubs last won the Series in 1908.

From Flickr licensed CC-BY-20 http://flickr.com/photos/86838704@N00/3645151929

With median ticket prices for Games 3-5 pushing over $1000, fans are looking for any way they can to cut down on expenses.  And while there aren’t a ton of ways to cut down on ticket prices, there is a way to possibly save on your hotel costs.

With some hotel costs coming in over $400 or $500 for a night in Chicago or Cleveland, you can actually use hotel points to book these hotels at a fraction of the cost.  The reason for this is that hotels raise their cash prices when big events like the World Series or Super Bowl come into town, but the points prices remain the same!  Even if you don’t have any hotel points right now, you can often BUY hotel points for less than the cash price of the hotel.

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