Looking for an event that will entertain the entire family while filling your belly at the same time? Everyone’s heard of Medieval Times, where jousting adventures entertain your family.

On a recent night in Buena Park, California (right next to Anaheim), my family and I were able to experience Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, a swashbuckling adventure that features high-flying pirates in a full dinner theatre performance.


Our two girls and son, are 9, 6, and 4, respectively. Of course, we knew our son would have a blast because, well, pirates; but the show appealed to everyone in our group.

Starting off with a bang

Upon check-in at Pirate’s Adventure Dinner, you are directed towards a saloon type hall where you can get a pre-dinner drink of your choice and you’re grouped by color (the dinner theatre hall is divided into colors where you are assigned a primary pirate actor as your ambassador). The show begins straight away where the story is explained as a band of pirates kidnaps a royal princess and her gypsy friend.

After a series of performances, you’re lead off by color behind your group’s assigned pirate. We had Antonio, the yellow pirate!

On to the theatre

The theatre wraps around a large 17th-century pirate ship and you’re showed to your seat. In each section, kids are chosen at random to participate in some portion of the show.

The process is fun and during this time, the pirates rally their cheering squad and raz the other groups. All three of our kids were in the performance, a part of which they still talk about to this day.

The dinner was a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies. The beverage choices included sodas, juices and milk/water for the kids with unlimited resources. There are items from the bar available for purchase. As far as the food quality goes – it was meh, but you’re not really there to eat gourmet food, are ya? It’s all about pirates!

Sword fights, explosions and a dragon!

As far as the performance, itself, goes – hats off to the Pirates Adventure actors and production team! There were explosions, dancing, sword fights and even two silk scarf dance performances that took everyone’s breath away.

The actors are very into their roles and make the performance so much for all members of the family. The acting and overall performance never felt cheesy – it was fun and inventive.
The entire performance is about 2-2.5 hours so, you feel you get a lot of value for your dollars spent.

Tips and tricks to maximize your experience

Be sure to arrive early when you get to Pirate’s Adventure Dinner. The showtime was at 7:00, but it’s a good idea to get there at 6:15 so you can get inside at 6:30, when the pre-dinner performance begins.

Buy pirate gear for your kids before you go. Visit a costume shop and have your kids wear it in. The pirate gear for sale at Pirate’s Adventure is pricey and if your kids are already wearing theirs, it’ll save you money in the long term. 🙂

Shop around for deals. Ask your hotel concierge for discounts and look online. Apparently, prices vary depending on where you look.

If you’re picky on the type of food you eat or have allergies, ask about options up front when you book your ticket. There are likely alternative options for those with restrictions or preferences.