Dads chatting about their Disney trips isn’t all that rare an occurrence.

Dads dispensing a ton of tips about how to save time and money and minimize aggravation while visiting Walt Disney World, well, that is rare.

So we’re thrilled to share with you something that is quite rare and, we don’t mind telling you, free.

Traveling Dad is delighted to host the recurring podcast, “Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over!” a fantasia, if you will, of Walt Disney World tips, hosted by Kevin Gillooly and John Vanda.


Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over!

We’ll let the podcast speak for itself… click the play button above the enormous turkey leg to get started. And… since Kevin and John took the time to write this nice synopsis, below, we’ll hand it off to them and let them speak for themselves, too…

We’re your hosts, Kevin (Vader), and John (Mufasa)! Who the heck are we, and why on earth should you listen to this podcast about Disney? Those are excellent questions, at least one of which will be answered when you listen to our podcast.

We’re not going to tell you which question, you’ll just have to listen.

Some handy timestamps below to highlight when we’re talking about certain topics:

  • 0:00 Who are we anyway?
  • 3:30 Current Events
  • 8:01 Musical Interlude
  • 8:20 Traveling to Disney (Planes, Trains, or Automobiles)
  • 10:35 Kevin’s reasoning for why you want your own car at Disney, and is the parking fee worth it
  • 14:20 Why you should, or shouldn’t, stay at a Disney Resort
  • 18:ish MagicBands
  • 22:35 John actually contributes to the discussion
  • 24:11 Maintaining calm, in the face of your grand plan crashing and burning


  • In addition to playing at Traveling Dad, these podcasts will be available (eventually) at iTunes and Google Play. How magical is that?
  • Follow us on Twitter:
    The podcast: @vadermufasa
    Kevin: @KevinGillooly
    John: @vtvanda
  • Feel free to email the show with any comments and, especially, any Walt Disney World questions you’d like us to answer during future podcasts, at