Before moving to South Florida we lived in Paris, France for 2.5 years and made sure we fit in a Disneyland Paris day trip.

It’s easy enough to get to Disneyland from Paris for a day trip as long as you plan ahead.

Because we had a car, we drove, but another (and possibly better) option is to go by train.

There are plenty of regular services from Paris to Disneyland, which are likely to be more reliable than traffic in & around Paris.

Disneyland Paris Day Trip

We went on our Disneyland Paris day trip to celebrate our daughter’s 2nd birthday, so for us the car was a huge help – allowing us to leave early & return late with her sleeping comfortably in her car seat.

The only downside is that our daughter’s birthday is in December, and France in December can be bitterly cold.

Disneyland Paris in December is chilly

Nothing could keep us away from our big day at Disney, so we bundled up & headed out early to the happiest place on earth.

Side note… Having a blog has made a HUGE difference in the quality of photos I take – these pictures from BEFORE I started blogging were just terrible.

Back to the day trip.

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Believe it or not, our little European 2 year old had no idea who Mickey Mouse was!

We decided to go see Mickey as soon as we arrived, because we thought meeting him would help our kiddo appreciate her day a little more.

What an understatement!!

Here she is as her face lights up when she sees Mickey across the room for the very first time.

Very first Mickey Mouse sighting

That Mickey Mouse is pure magic.

I had no idea what to expect, but the moment she saw & then hugged Mickey was priceless – both to her as a kid & to us as parents.

She hugged him for the longest time before finally letting go.

Meet & greet with the Mouse himself

They had a little chat and then she was happy to say goodbye.

Priceless moments with Mickey

Since she didn’t know who Mickey was before this, I had no idea what to expect.

It melted my heart to see her fall in love with him on the spot & it was the best moment of the whole day for us.

After Mickey, we spent the morning wandering around the park looking for the Disney staples.

Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella’s Castle, Disneyland Paris

Dumbo The Flying Elephant

The first ride had to be Dumbo

Space Mountain

Space Mountain, Disneyland Paris

It’s A Small World

It’s A Small World, Disneyland Paris

Main Street

Heading for Main Street, Disneyland Paris

Lancelot’s Carrousel

The carrousel is always a huge hit

After a few hours, we needed a warm break & found a cute cafe to spend a few minutes warming up inside.

Snacking in a high chair with Mickey ears

One we were warm & fed, we headed back outside to wait for the parade.

Despite the cold, grey day, the parade was worth it!

The parade arrives in Disneyland Paris

My favorite float had the Toy Story characters aboard.

Disneyland Paris parade featuring Toy Story

Woody was working the other side of the crowd, but Buzz Lightyear gave us a big smile.

Buzz Lightyear visits Disneyland Paris

Mickey seemed to remember us from earlier in the day & made sure he said hello again.

Mickey Mouse in Disneyland Paris parade

Finally, the other star of the show arrived – Santa!

Christmas in Disneyland Paris with Santa

After a LONG day we arrived home & introduced her to Mickey Mouse on TV.

Watching Mickey with Mickey

He has been very popular in our house ever since.

Now of course, we LIVE in South Florida, so we go to Disney World at least once a year, but it all started in Paris.



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