Disney Vacation Club

Episode Teaser and Timeline

Just how much do you love Disney?  You know that we love it. but do we love it enough to buy a timeshare?  Vader and Mufasa discuss the nitty gritty of the Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s timeshare offering.  We tell you important details, such as whether you’ll need to sell one of your kids to afford it, and, if you become a member, how much are the cult dues?  Check out the time summary below for highlights, or just listen to the entire thing, because honestly, we’re quite entertaining for at least 2 of the 37 minutes…

  • 2:27 Kevin talks Run Disney
  • 4:15 Current Events
  • 4:40ish Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales extended preview at Disneyland
  • 7:50 Fireworks!!!!  Disney is debuting the “Happily Ever After” fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom
  • 10:00 May the Fourth be with you!  Star Wars Day approaches!
  • 12:56 Night Vision Goggles? Dads, you need this!
  • 13:21 Feature Segment:  Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s take on a timeshare.
  • 14:42 I am NOT here to sell you a timeshare!
  • 16:56 Get a coffee or a red bull, because we’re talking financials!
  • 20:34 What’s the value in being a DVC member anyway?
  • 23:47 Member perks, besides the timeshare itself
  • 26:05 What if I don’t go to Disney for a few years in a row, is my money lost?
  • 31:10 If I’m not a huge Disney fan, is this for me?
  • 33:50 Stump the Host!


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