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Summary of General Nonsense

Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, and before that, formerly Disney Village Marketplace, and before that, was originally named Walt Disney World Village.  PHEW!  This place has more name changes than Prince, or John Cougar Mellencamp, or John Mellencamp, or John Cougar.  Who can keep track?!  What used to be a small gem (or tourist trap as Vader once called it) has turned into a major shopping and dining area befitting of Disney’s standards.  This podcast will feature the usual shenanigans, and 30 plus minutes of some of our favorite gems, that are really easy to miss when walking around this stunningly designed part of southeast Disney World.  Feel free to check out the timeline below for a sneak peek on our Disney Springs thoughts, or click that play button at the top of this post and enjoy 45 minutes of occasional wit, bold opinions, and a hint of liquorice.



Podcast Timeline

1:20 Changes to Disney Springs over the recent years

4:10 Raglan Road is worth the hype!

5:00 Come to Disney and get a cigar? Yes, you can do that at Disney Springs

6:25 The Polite Pig?  Glorious pork-filled restaurant, added WHAT?!? Yes sir, we will try your bourbon flights!

9:20 A View to a Thrill?  We briefly discuss Characters in Flight, the tethered hot air balloon, and how Mufasa tried to surprise his wife with a hot air balloon ride for their anniversary…You gotta listen to the podcast to see what happened!

12:35 CANDY, CANDY, CANDY.  Now that I got your attention, we’ll be talking about vegetables….Just kidding.  Vader gives his impressions of Disney’s Candy Cauldron

14:57 The Art of Shaving.  Mufasa explains why Disney Springs is a great place to get an old time shave.

18:25 Vader talks about his favorite shop, Twenty Eight & Main, “created especially for distinguished gentlemen who love Disney Parks”

25:13 Vader and Flamingos have more in common than you may think.  Listen to find out the story of one of Vader’s favorite Disney characters.

26:38  Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba show is leaving, and Mufasa gets a bit sentimental about it, and shares his story about this moving show.

29:13 Disney Photo Pass Studio.  A professional studio, inside Disney, with no sitting fee, and no reservations required?!?!  Yes, really.

35:05  Shopping overload at the WORLD’S LARGEST DISNEY STORE.  Almost anything you can imagine is in this store, possibly including JFK and Elvis.  It’s that large.

39:46  Only at Disney Springs would you want to get spit on by a Disney character

43:23  STUMP THE HOST!!!  Vader is on a losing streak.  Tune in to find out if he breaks the streak!

Post-Recording Notes, Errors, Omissions, etc…

  • I swore I said “abe froman” during the broadcast when we referenced Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in a quote, but I did not.  My apologies.
  • The Disney Photo Pass Service Studio can and does link to your My Disney Experience, and will qualify for unlimited digital downloads if you purchased Memory Maker.  So, get some family pictures done at a professional studio for no additional fee.  Go!  Now!  Why are you still reading this?

Outbound Links, Inspirations, and great reads and watches…

A Taste of Nostalgia at Disney Springs

You need to check out this bourbon flight list from The Polite Pig.  Disney Springs’ official website hasn’t update their menu to show the bourbon flights yet.  This is true as of July 8, 2017.  If you’re reading this after that point, all bets are off 😉
Polite Pig Bourbon Flights

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