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What are we rambling about this week?

You are in for a treat this week our faithful listeners.  You can find a truckload of content out there about EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, but none quite like this.  Listen to the podcast this week to find out why Vader’s wife needed to find him special shampoo; why Mufasa needs to research better for his podcast preparation; what’s going on in the Disney parks current events; and most importantly, we’ll actually talk about EPCOT.

We’ll talk your ears off about EPCOT in fact, and we’re not even mentioning the rides!  What’s that you say?  This isn’t about the rides?  Correct.  Please don’t leave!  We promise, it’s worth your time 🙂  The rides at EPCOT will be an entire podcast on its own, but Vader’s favorite park in the world has so much more to offer!  You’ll find nuggets of information about hidden gems in the World Showcase, like Circlevision films, and what the Kidcot stations are, and how they’ll keep your kids entertained while you have another margarita.

If you’d like a sneak peek on some of the content, check out the timeline below.  Otherwise, dive right in and give it a listen by clicking that play button at the top of the article.  You won’t regret it.

EPCOT Podcast Timeline, Summary, and Shenanigans

0:00:27s  What do Mr. Clean and Vader have in common?

3:37 Current Events

3:40 We’re talking Cars 3, and hopefully less Tow Mater (less than Cars 2….please…)

5:30 In case you missed it, there’s a Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney California Adventure

6:24 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales / Salazar’s Revenge

7:55 A new photo moment was added to an old ride.  Is Memory Maker worth the $169/199?

10:50 Disneyland is finally phasing out paper fast passes.

11:00 Cheap Photo Pass moments at Disneyland?  Yes, it’s true!

11:42 Vader is heading to Disneyland in September, and Mufasa hates him

12:03 Fantasmic, Rivers of America, and Disneyland Railroad Classics are returning to Disneyland

15:19 D23 Expo is coming to Anaheim!  If you need a fix for your Disney Drug Addiction, this is for you

18:42 Mufasa says something ridiculous (Commercial Break)

19:05 Feature Segment!  We’re talking EPCOT

22:16 Vader gives a shout out to Aunt Cele for his love of museums….awwwwwwww

24:40 We give our Top 3 Non-Rides (only top 2 for Mufasa, because he can’t count)

37:19 John comes up with 3 mnemonics for remembering the World Showcase, 1 of which works, and the other two do not…

40:52 User Questions! Drinking at EPCOT; Activities for your kids at EPCOT; Unique dining experiences at EPCOT

51:40 NEW SEGMENT!!  It’s time for Name That Tune!

53:18 Stump the Host!  One of our listeners challenges Vader!?!  Who will come out on top with their Disney knowledge

55:42 Remembering the USS Fitzgerald Tragedy


Post-Recording Notes, Errors, Omissions, etc…

This section written entirely by Mufasa.  Vader absolves himself of any blame for anything written in this section…

Of the three mnemonics I came up with to remember EPCOT World Showcase countries, one still works!  The first one I did, I did not screw up, for the record.  I did still screw up the other 2 however, which puts my success rate at an embarrassingly low 33ish%  I’d say it won’t happen again, but…mistakes happen people!

Fellow TDAD Shawn McAskill wrote a great story that I used for some inspiration when researching this podcast.  Check it out for some inebriated insight on drinking at EPCOT.

I definitely stole some information from TDAD Raphael Ocampo‘s article on EPCOT with a pre-schooler.  It’s a great read!


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