Disney Dining Dirt

Episode Summary

We here at Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over, felt that, there wasn’t enough information out there on Disney dining.  A Google Search reveals “About 4,400,000 results”.  Clearly, more data is needed.  Vader and Mufasa give you only the most important statistics that our paid interns could find (I pay my kids in caramels.  Don’t judge me!).  We’ll give you a couple of personal stories on truly unique dining experiences down at Walt Disney World, as well as another episode of Stump the Host, where Mufasa tries, yet again, to stump Vader.  HOW OBSCURE DO I NEED TO GET TO WIN?  Jump to the 31 minute mark in the program to find out!  The timeline below tells you everything you need, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on twitter on how we’re doing, and what features you’d love to hear about.  Thanks for listening!

Podcast Timeline Breakdown

  • 0:13s  This podcast is dedicated to…
  • 3:10 Current Events / Guardians of the Galaxy
  • 5:33 Disneyland Paris Dance-Off!
  • 6:18 Pandora Opens Soooooon!
  • 7:19 Time Travel….?
  • 7:44 Feature Segment! (Disney Dining)
  • 8:10 Vader’s take on the Disney Dining Plan (DDP)
  • 9:42 Mufasa Breaks Down the DDP Details
  • 12:35 How can I use signature dining without the Deluxe plan?
  • 14:02 Where are the most unique dining experiences?
  • 26:36 No, we’re not rich!
  • 29:06 Reservations!?!  You betcha!
  • 30:42 How does Disney handle Gluten-Free allergies?
  • 31:32 STUMP THE HOST!

During the podcast, Mufasa mentions a place to look at all of the WDW restaurants, and what type they are (Quick Service, Table Service, etc…).  Here’s the link, as promised:

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