One Hour!  That’s right listeners.  John and Kevin won’t shut up in their longest podcast yet!  What on earth has these two so excited that you get double the podcast for the same price?  Disney Cruise Lines!  Honestly, neither of us expect you to listen to the entire hour, which is why, below this tidy little paragraph, you’ll find a timeline of our shenanigans.  Jump to the parts that sound interesting, or, listen to the entire podcast on your morning commute!  We look forward to hearing your thoughts, tweets, emails, instachats, snapgrams, and however else you want to chime in.  Thanks for listening!!

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00:00:14s What the heck is Goofy?
2:38 Ninja Stump the Host
3:50 Current Events
4:50 Beauty and the Beast disappoints at the box office, and it’s all Kevin’s fault
5:40 John and Kevin discuss the Rivers of Light show, new to the Animal Kingdom
9:08 The Irish pub, Raglan Road, receives acclaim from Open Table
12:39 We finally start talking about the cruise ships
14:58 Kevin has already been on all four ships, and John hates him for it.
18:58 Did Disney bribe the Coast Guard?!?
23:00 Kevin reminds John that he got seasick, and ruined their dinner at the adults only restaurant Palo, and somehow, Disney manages to turn this into a plus, and saves the day
27:45 The best time to shop on a Disney Cruise ship, is during high seas
30:40 How dinner on a Disney Cruise ship with the kids exceeds all of your expectations
33:04 Your kids are chauffeured to the kids club after dinner, so you can continue to enjoy?  This can’t be true.
34:07 Gambling on a Disney Cruise?  Welcome to BiNGO!  Where John discovers, there’s no “H” in BINGO!  Somehow, Disney manages to make BINGO fun
36:46 Are Disney Cruises expensive?
38:51 Cruising multiple times on Disney, vs Royal Caribbean.  Who’s is better?
42:08 FOOD!  It’s what’s for dinner!  Is it really that good?
46:30 Not ALL the food is good…
46:55 Rides?  On a Cruise Ship?!?  Kevin gets the floor pulled out from under him on the Aqua Dunk, and screams bloody murder.
49:04 What if I love Disney, but don’t want the shows, and don’t care about the character greetings?  Is a Disney Cruise still for me?
53:30 Stump the Host!
55:50 Listener Questions!


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