Traveling Dad Driving Tips Featuring Daym Drops

Last month the 2017 New York International Auto Show made car enthusiasts even more enthusiastic about cars. The event yielded a Girls Night Out sponsored by SheBuysCars and Traveling Mom. And, I had the opportunity to catch up with Daym Drops.

Daym, aka Daymon Patterson, is a YouTube #FoodTitan and food correspondent for “The Rachael Ray Show.” He’s also a father of two. So shortly after testing the trunk capacity of the 2018 Toyota Camry, Daym and I evaluated the legroom of the 2018 Yaris, where I asked him what he feared most about his eldest daughter eventually hitting the road as a licensed driver.

In his answer, Daym notes the simple truth that “the open road can be a beautiful place but it also can be the most deadly of areas at the same time.”

He goes on to share some driving safety tips he hopes motorists of all ages will bear in mind. The following video with his response takes less than two minutes to watch, and it’s worth it.

So without any further ado… to the ChatMobile.