While grandma was in town for the weekend we decided to take a little day trip out to Johnson City, Texas. Not only is Johnson City is the home of Lyndon B Johnson but it is also home to the Science Mill. The Science Mill is a family destination offering a fun, interactive learning environment for all ages.

Johnson City, is located about 70 miles Southwest of Austin, Texas.  Just a short drive to an awesome interactive museum. Grandma, the kids, mom and dad, hopped in the truck and headed south to Johnson City.

Museums can be boring for kids but Science Mill isn’t your traditional museum. It is very hands on and focuses on STEM interactions for children.  Also, exhibits tend to change and there is always something new and exciting to experience.


This past time we visited we got to check out a few new exhibits. A recently added fossil dig was a hit with the kiddos. So was the African tortoise exhibit. The tortoise exhibit had an underground live camera attached to it and you could see the tortoise asleep. In addition, there are so many interactive exhibits located in silos, it is truly a fun experience.

History of the Science Mill Building

The Science Mill used to be an feed mill. The feed mill built in 1880 as a steam grist mill and cotton gin featured unique mechanical innovations that were used to process, sort and distribute grain to its rural community. The original steam mill was converted to a flour mill in 1901 and later was converted to electrical power and evolved into a feed mill in the 1930’s. The mill ceased operation in the 1980’s and was converted into a restaurant and entertainment complex. While a majority of the site and the mill have been dormant for the past 20 years, the mill has inspired photographers, muralists, and curious travelers who have been captivated by its romantic and iconic presence.

The Science Mill recycles a historic community landmark into a gathering place for the community and a forum for science exploration. The design was conceived not as a contrast between new and old, but as the dynamic evolution of the mill from a place of industrial production to a place that can produce science leaders for the new generation.

Science Mill Johnson City, Texas

Surrounding Area

In addition to visiting the Science Mill there is other things to do around the Science Mill.  If in the area I suggest you take in the sights in downtown Johnson City.  There are vintage shops located right across the street from the Science Mill.  We decided to take a walk and see the historical town hall building and visit a few other local shops. While walking around we found Hahen Estates Winery tasting room. Mom and I were excited to find some adult fun for us too. The owner of the winery gave a free wine tasting. He also told us that his family used to be the personal chefs for President Carter.  Mom got to take home two bottles of wine.

When traveling we like to find new local things to do. Where is your favorite place to day trip to?