P-Town, arguably the most welcoming place in the U.S.

A place where everyone is welcome Folks in the New York/New Jersey metro area are what card players used to call “sitting in the cat bird seat.” Simply translated, it means that you are in a position that can’t lose. Jumping in a car, bus, or train opens up myriad destinations for vacations, weekend getaways and terrific down time. While most such destinations are acutely aware that their livelihood comes from making guests feel comfortable and at home, there are a few others that take that to a science. Sitting on the northern tip of The Cape lies Provincetown,...

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Day Trip: Science Mill in Johnson City, Texas

While grandma was in town for the weekend we decided to take a little day trip out to Johnson City, Texas. Not only is Johnson City is the home of Lyndon B Johnson but it is also home to the Science Mill. The Science Mill is a family destination offering a fun, interactive learning environment for all ages. Johnson City, is located about 70 miles Southwest of Austin, Texas.  Just a short drive to an awesome interactive museum. Grandma, the kids, mom and dad, hopped in the truck and headed south to Johnson City. Museums can be boring for kids but...

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Having Fun in Central Texas | 4 Places to Have Fun With the Family

Whenever I think about traveling and experiencing new things I always think about traveling long distances and finding new things.  The only thing is there is so much to do close to home. Living in Austin, Texas there are so many suburbs that have fun things to do.  Last Saturday we had a day outing and visited some cool places in the Central Texas Area. 4 Places to Have Fun in Central Texas IKEA – If you loathe going to IKEA, just think about this way. Its a free place for kids to walk and walk and walk and...

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Our Son’s First Flight!

I feel like I’m the “Rookie Traveling Dad”. I have a 4 month old son, so all of this is new. This past weekend, we took H on his first flight to Nashville and we learned a ton. We were a little scared, a little over prepared, but a lot excited. Vicki’s college roommate and best friend lives in Nashville and had a baby girl the day after H was born (what are the odds?!). We thought what better way to get H on his first flight that a short jump from Raleigh to Nashville? Take a look at our learnings and our experiences. Things we learned from our first flight with an infant Overall, flying with an infant is easy. They sleep, eat, play, repeat. We were lucky that H seemed to like planes – hope that stays that way. We did learn that flying with an infant is a lot different than flying as a couple. For one thing, we had to plan around his schedule, not ours. He eats at certain times, so we needed to make sure flights were scheduled around those times. Not to mention having to feed him in the middle of the airport wasn’t that easy.   Southwest is a top-notch airline for flying with children. Everyone’s experience and expectations differ, but I’ve always had a great experience with Southwest. It was made even better on our...

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Road trip to the Oregon Coast – Cannon Beach

One of the benefits of traveling (or moving cities) is you get to experience the feeling of discovery: new places to explore, new restaurants, new people. When we moved to Seattle a few years ago, we undertook this same journey. We hadn’t spent much time in the Pacific Northwest (PNW to the locals) before moving and when we came, we marveled in the beauty of the area and its many outdoor activities. One of the best things to do, we had heard from friends and coworkers, was to visit the Oregon coast. We decided to go in September and...

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Lavender Farm with the Family

Every so often we get the itch to take a drive.  Last weekend we took a little road-trip to Chappell Hill, Texas to visit the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm. Chappell Hill, Texas is located one hour and a half away from Austin at 2250 Dillard Rd, Washington, TX 77880.  A perfect distance from Austin, Texas and a perfect little daytrip. If you were so inclined you can visit the Blue Bell Factory and the Lavender Farm in one day.  Unfortunately, the Blue Bell Factory was closed on the day we made our way to the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm....

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The Three Magic Kingdom Mountains for Teens

There’s an inevitable awkward stage kids reach when they begin to believe they’re too cool for the “little kid” stuff. When you’re traveling as a family, finding the right blend of family activities that appeals to each age range can be somewhere from tough to near impossible. On a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom, as a 30 year old, I was reminded of the three mountains that’ll ensure your teens (and yourself) still enjoy the park they may believe they’ve outgrown. Strategery in Planning Of course the three best thrill attractions in Magic Kingdom are going to be...

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Lessons Learned from Our First Trips as New Parents

Traveling as new parents has definitely changed things for Vicki and I. While H is only 3 months old, we’ve learned a lot about traveling with him and a lot about how Vicki and I travel. In the past 2 weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to take H on his first trip to the mountains and beach. We’re lucky to live in North Carolina and have these options! While these trips haven’t been “vacations” in the relaxing sense, they’ve been a lot of fun. And we’ve learned a lot about traveling as new parents. Packing isn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We can try to keep on schedule, but that’s probably not going to happen. And, nothing’s going to be perfect…but that’s OK. I wouldn’t change the memories we’ve made for anything!   WAIT, ISN’T PACKING EASY?   We think we’re pretty good packers. OK, let me rephrase that. We think we were pretty good packers. Packing used to be the kind of thing that we could throw together the night before for weekend trips. Maybe it would take a couple of days to pack for a 2 week trip. Well, that’s all changed. We’ve realized a few things about packing for trips as new parents:   1. We pack too much   2. We don’t want to be under prepared, but also have realized that if we...

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