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8 Things to Do at Magic Kingdom when It’s Crowded

In an ideal (Walt Disney) World, it would be great to always have low crowd days. And, sometimes to matter how much you plan, you walk into the park and shake your head at the massive crowds. So, apart from rides and attractions, what can you do instead and still have fun? From hanging out with Castmembers to free games, here are eight things to do at Magic Kingdom when it’s crowded. But, sometimes when we visit, there’s a glitch in the crowd calendars and actual crowds are much higher than any crowd calendar notes. It’s these days that...

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Snowmobile Rentals In Stowe Vermont: Adventure on Mount Mansfield

Vermont is a winter wonderland. Snowmobile rentals, snowshoeing, ice climbing? You’ll want to try it all but do you have the gear? When making your things to do in Vermont winter list add Stowe and Mount Mansfield to it. Snowmobile rentals with Snowmobile Vermont include gear and knowledgeable tour guides. Things to Do in Vermont? Everything winter! One of my more unusual quirks? Despite living in New England for the first 33 years of my life, I don’t ski or snowboard.  Furthermore I still claim winter as my favorite season.  Ice climbing in the mountains, snow shoeing, or most...

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Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion Symptoms to Memorize for Safety

Summer fun usually involves the summer sun. Do you know how to spot heat related illness? Knowing symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion symptoms and what to do in case of an emergency will insure that you have a fun safe summer! As a paramedic in Southeast Texas heat related illnesses and emergencies are common sights occurring year round. Coming up on the busy summer travel season a big part of safety is knowing and recognizing the signs and symptoms of heat related illness. Humidity (often found in coastal areas) can significantly increase how hot a day “feels”. It...

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The Fitbit Versa is the best smartwatch for travelers

The idea of the smartwatch isn’t a new one – the Apple Watch has been on the market now for 3 years and Android smart watches are plenty capable. However, the offerings leave a lot to be desired. Apple Watch is expensive and requires charges too often – and Android smartwatches are bulky and not very practical. Thankfully, we have Fitbit, playing the role of challenger brand. Fitbit, a company which has sold fitness trackers that keep step counts, stairs climbed and more. Enter the Fitbit Versa, the company’s first smartwatch that is designed well, runs apps and of...

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2018 Mazda 6 Review: Affordable Luxury Sedan for Traveling Dads

2018 Mazda 6 Review I’ve always liked the Mazda brand. My first introduction to Mazda was in the late 1970s, when one of my college friends bought a new RX-7. The rotary powered RX-7 was introduced to take some of the shine off of the red-hot Datsun Z-Car. That was one of two cars, the other being the Toyota Corolla, to put then fledgling Japanese car brands on the American consumer’s retail map. Over the years, the Mazda brand has had some hits and misses. Misses include hanging on to rotary engine technology found in the RX lineup too...

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Can You Travel with Dementia? What You Need to Know!

A dementia diagnosis can change the lives of all involved- patient & family alike. After you finish thinking through how day to day life will work with this diagnosis your mind may wander to travel. Is traveling with Alzheimer’s or travel with dementia even still possible? If you and your loved one enjoyed globetrotting, road tripping, or just had that one special vacation spot that you went to year after year, it may actually be very beneficial to both of you to get out and travel again. Traveling with Alzheimer’s- Assess the Situation Be realistic. This is probably the...

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Kids Rock Climbing with Fun Walls

Kids rock climbing is becoming more prevalent, in part, due to retail stores installing them trying to lure back customers. In southwest Florida, the Miromar Outlets installed a rock climbing wall from Fun Walls. The walls kept our fearless – for the most part – kids entertained for almost an hour, which is the minimum time you can purchase. We paid $10 per hour for each kid. You really want to make sure that you kid is ready for it because if they get scared or bored after a few minutes, you’re out of 10 bucks! Our preschoolers are...

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