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The Intersection of Family Travel and Live Music

It only takes a short stroll through my small office to get a sense of my musical taste. I have records on display from Frank Sinatra, Kamasi Washington, Dawes, Santigold and Superchunk, just to name a handful, and on the other side of the room is a mountain of concert tickets, lanyards and signed posters from other bands I’ve seen and have adored listening to for many years. So, and to be perfectly honest, when I think back on my oldest child’s first concert, it’s not exactly the way I’d have drawn it up. As a child who grew...

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Voluntourism in the Dominican Republic

How can we teach our kids about giving back? Or, how to help those in need? One way we did so, recently, was through an impact cruise and voluntourism. What is Voluntourism? Voluntourism can mean a lot of different things, practically. The definition is “a form of tourism in which travelers participate in voluntary work, typically for a charity.” How that voluntary work is executed is what takes different forms. For us, we went on a Fathom cruise to the Dominican Republic where we participated in several “impact” activities (the volunteer part of voluntourism). Our ship, the Adonia, was...

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Why London is great with young kids

When my wife and I think of cities in other countries we love, London always nears the top of the list. We enjoyed visiting the city a great deal before we had kids. Of course, after we had kids, the question was, can we handle taking them overseas? For parents considering testing the waters with traveling overseas with young children (or even parents who travel overseas with their kids all the time!), London remains an excellent option. Here are some of the reasons I think London is great for kids – with some caveats. Travel options make London convenient...

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Travel to Malaysia, Yes a Muslim Country

A journey to a Muslim-majority country – like Malaysia – is probably one of the furthest thoughts for most Americans, and the greater West for that matter. The media portrays the Middle East and parts of Southeast Asia as terrorist havens on the brink of destruction and violence. So why on Earth would you want to go to Malaysia? Inter-religious Friendships Formed Almost a decade ago in New York City, I met Kamran, my first friend with Pakistani roots. He was born in New Jersey, and his father was from Pakistan. He and I grew very close and took...

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The Merits of International Family Travel

This post was sponsored by The Jordan Tourism Board of North America. Opinions were not directed by the sponsor and are, as always, my own. Every parent in the world wants the best for their children — but how do we know what’s best? How do we know our American views are best? My son was born just outside of Tokyo two years ago. The only regret I find myself with now that we are back in the states is that he wasn’t older during his time overseas. With our daughter having recently joined my son in the family, I am reinvigorated...

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5 Reasons Why Cottages Make A Vacation Great

When my wife and I travel with our three young kids, we like to have adventures. We love to be outdoors, hike, see the sights and experience as much about our destinations as possible. Fun destinations are new, exciting and inspiring. Yet, it’s nice to have the certain comforts of home when you’re playing tourist. We just wrapped a trip down to Southern California and we were so thankful that for most of our trip, we stayed in Carlsbad’s Villagio Cottages. Don’t get me wrong – our kids love hotels, they love eating the all-you-can-eat breakfasts and they love...

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Adult Activities on Disney Cruise Line

Are there Adult Activities on a Disney Cruise? There are plenty of articles covering the plethora of activities for kids on a Disney Cruise, but what about adult activities? Entertainment for adults abound aboard a Disney Cruise, and what a wonderful surprise it was to this dad to discover during a 3-day cruise on the Disney Dream with my wife and preschool boys. I’ve been on almost a dozen cruises throughout the world, but this was my first Disney Cruise and I didn’t expect to have as much fun as my twin boys did. Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay,...

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