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What A Trip To Turkey Taught Us About The World

We’re all out there trying to keep our smart phones charged. Each of us, at some point and to differing degrees, struggled with middle school algebra. Every single one of us wants to keep a sturdy roof above our loved ones and serve them healthy, well-balanced meals constantly. This is a story about going halfway around the world, 5100 miles as the crow flies, to a very foreign land, only to be reminded of how similar we all are, how we can be separated by thousands of miles and contrasting cultures but how there will always be more that...

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Disneyland Paris and Europe with Kids file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:05:02 1:13  So why are these posh podcast hosts talking about Disneyland Paris anyway?  Who has that kinda money!? Spoiler Alert:  Both reasons for our separate trips had to do with the US Military…. 3:59  Vader’s children had never been to another country besides Canada, which for an American, absolutely does not count as leaving the country. What do you need to prepare for when traveling to Europe? 6:01  Mufasa talks about the stress, or lack thereof in his case, for traveling overseas, and how complacency can get you in...

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This Could Be The Last Family Vacation

Deep in the Highlands of Scotland, off the main road between Ullapool and Inverness, lies Rogie Falls, among the most picturesque sights in the region. The falls—more a series of cascades, really, both fearsome and delightful—are loud, rock-rimmed, and lined by deep forests. A bonny place, as the Scots might say. The scene was so captivating, as viewed from a nearby bouncy footbridge, that my family was dead silent. And if you knew the Orwolls, you’d know silence isn’t listed among the skills on our family résumé. There were five of us that afternoon, midway through an eleven-day driving...

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JW Marriott Mexico City Sante Fe

Last week I spent 3 days at the JW Marriott Mexico City – a normal business trip & easy flight from where I live in South Florida. The only difference was that it happened during my daughter’s 3rd birthday! These are the tradeoffs business travelers have to make & luckily I have a very understanding family. Thankfully there is WhatsApp nowadays, so I could with her “Happy Birthday” in the morning & talk with her about her day at bedtime. But this post isn’t about virtual parenting, it’s about the great hotel I stayed in – the JW Marriott Mexico City Sante Fe. JW...

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To keep up the Traveling Dad tradition, I’ll use my first post to introduce you to the blog & the family behind the newest TDAD member, Jet Set Daddy. I’m still a beginning blogger, let’s be honest, my wife helps me with my blog more often than not, but I’m a seasoned traveler with a background that practically requires a blog. Here Are The Facts Name: Luiz Perl Blog: Jet Set Daddy Years as a Dad: 7 Family: Saira (wife), Sofia & Elisa (daughters) Current Home: South Florida (near Fort Lauderdale) Current Location: Depends when you read this – by the end of next month I will have been to...

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Taking on South America – and we’re leaving our child at home!

South America, here we come! Well, in February 2018. Our first big trip of 2018 and our first big trip away from H is booked. We’re super excited about it, but also a little worried. What will it be like leaving him for so long? Will we enjoy ourselves? We hope so! Will it be like old times traveling together? Maybe? Will we feel like the McCallisters from Home Alone? I hope not! Who knows the answers to these questions. All I know is that we are anxiously looking forward to it! Why South America? Vicki and I have...

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What’s so unique about a Disney Magic Cruise? file | Play in new window | Duration: 52:21 Your intrepid podcast hosts have each taken a cruise on the Disney Magic, and we’re here to give you 50 minutes of podcast action.  You’ll need to click that play button at the top of the post to hear Kevin recreate the scream from the first time he experienced the Aquadunk, why the New York cruise he took was extra special, and how he doesn’t know how to pronounce the word inaugurated.  There’s more fun to be had when hearing how a variety act on the cruise reacted when...

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Flying with Laptops? Here’s what you need to know.

(Readers: As of press time, the regulations described below had been lifted, but please accept the following as a cautionary tale, as new rules will likely come and go. — Your Intrepid Editors)    Conflicted Times Bring New Rules To Air Travel Once upon a time the only complaints about air travel were lost luggage, annoying kids kicking the back of your seat, and what passed for food in Cattle Class…ooops, Economy/Coach. Today, with crazies hiding explosives and caustic chemicals in everything from shoes to breast implants, most governments-especially the United States-have begun instituting rules that make travel a...

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Ski Dubai: 5 Things to Know Before You Go

Ski Dubai offers plenty of indoor fun for the entire family, year-round. Located in the heart of Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates is an ultra-chic shopping mall with stores you can expect to find along Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry and Cartier to name a few. The ever expanding universe that is Dubai doesn’t escape your mind here, as mini-mockups of skyscrapers with all their luxurious amenities dot the walk ways, with aggressive sales reps donned in Gucci shoes compete for your attention to glimpse the upcoming property. In a not-so-tucked corner of the mall,...

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A Dad’s Guide to Disney Pin Trading

Disney Pin Trading If you have ever been to a Disney Park, you have almost definitely seen the displays of pins for sale. You have probably looked through them marveling at the range of designs, and maybe even bought one as a souvenir. But did you know that Disney Pin Trading is not only a ton of fun, but also a great way for your kids to interact with other people at the park? From Cast Members to other guests, your kids will grow their confidence and people skills, all while having a blast and collecting memorable souvenirs. Disney...

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