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Reefs, Wrecks, and a Wicked Good Time – SCUBA Diving in Coron (Video)

The Challenge of Planning When I first booked my trip on the United Island Hopper, I was super excited to experience this one of a kind flight. Once I started planning the details of the trip, however, the opportunity to go SCUBA diving in the Philippines became my number one priority. My flights took me into Manila, and with over 7000 islands in the country, choosing where exactly to go was a bit of a challenge. With the help of friends on twitter, I eventually narrowed it down to Boracay or Palawan, and flight timing and pricing helped make...

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UA 154, The Island Hopper – Have You Hopped?

The Background Several years ago, I heard about an intriguing flight. United 154, better known as The Island Hopper. I read an account of someone flying UA154, got excited, showed it to my wife, and she immediately said there was no way she was ever taking that flight. Before you judge her too harshly though, you need to understand exactly what The Island Hopper entails. You see, although The Island Hopper has just one flight number, it is actually a series of multiple flights between Honolulu and Guam. A direct flight between these two cities takes around 7 1/2...

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The Perfect Italian Island For An Authentic Family Vacation Experience in Italy

We’d been to Naples Italy once before, for a hot minute. It didn’t go so well. It should have been an easy in and out. All we needed to do in Naples was go from the central train station to a centrally located Hertz rental car location — just a couple of blocks on foot — then drive south out of town toward Sorrento. And yet, even with a bare minimum of Napoli touch points required, we were made miserable by a city than seemed to us to be too dirty, too aggressive and too unwelcoming to visitors. Many...

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International Travel with Kids: Dealing with Food Allergies in Munich

I love traveling and now especially love traveling with my family. One of the unique challenges I have, but which won’t hold us back at all, is traveling with kids who have allergies. This just means we have a lot more planning to do (and maybe more luggage to carry because we need to have food backups), but our trips are just as adventurous and exciting as any other. In fact, the additional planning we have to do as parents is what inspired me to start my own travel events site to help people like us get the most out...

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Best FREE Snorkeling Experience? Castaway Cay!

Is Castaway Cay the best snorkeling experience available? While enjoying our 19th Disney Cruise in February of this year, we decided to try out the new(ish) snorkeling trail on Disney’s own private paradise island, Castway Cay. We’ve tried snorkeling at Castaway Cay on previous Disney Cruises in the old area and it was OK. This newer area, though was a lot of fun! The best part? You can experience this snorkeling “trail” for FREE! Best Snorkeling Experience The Castaway Cay snorkeling experience begins at Gil’s Fins and Boats or Flippers and Floats, depending on which end of the family...

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Meet Jeff the Wanderer – The Newest Traveling Dad

For my first post here on Traveling Dad, I thought I should take some time to introduce you to myself and my family. Those of you who have been around the miles and points world for a while may recognize me from my former blogging days or from the few times I have spoken at conferences. To the rest of you, I am probably a new face. You may be wondering why I am showing up as a writer. The Facts To start, lets get the basic statistics out of the way. Name: Jeffrey Brownson Nickname: Jeff The Wanderer...

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Visiting The Burren in Ireland with Kids

It was darn near impossible to find and rather strange to comprehend once we did find it, but I wouldn’t trade the short amount of time we spent at/on/in The Burren in County Clare, Ireland in July of 2016 for just about anything. Admittedly, I’m looking back on this time and this place with rose-tinted glasses now, with some 8 months having passed, as our week in Ireland was anything but perfect (as I documented in this post on my own site shortly after we returned home from the U.K. last summer). In a way, the strange, twisting, complicated...

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Here’s Why Every Child Should Take A Cruise

It’s not only the 24-hour ice cream and free kid’s camp on board Carnival Cruise ships. There’s another, potentially life altering reason every kid should take a cruise. Whether it’s for a stretch of 4, 6, 7, 8 or 10 days, when a child cruises they gain not only the sugary all day chill of a soft serve twist and the friendships formed during full-ship scavenger hunts and late-night camp dance parties but also a familiarity with, understanding of, and geographic lessons courtesy of a worldwide crew of thousands who serve not only as steward, waitress, camp counselor, cruise...

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4 travel apps for your next trip

Everyone has their go-to travel apps and tools they use on trips. Some use hardcopy guidebooks, printed maps, podcasts. Whatever it is, everyone has that go-to that gets them through a trip. I wanted to cover 4 apps that I used on my recent trip to Europe that will, hopefully, help you out on your future travels. Before I go any further, I want to say that I have no affiliation with any of these companies and these links are not referral links. All of these are free apps and are available on iOS and Android. I’m simply sharing my thoughts and...

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