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Relaxation, Nature, History, Adventure – Belize For Families!

As a parent of two students and a husband to a teacher, one of my favorite days of the travel year is the day that the school schedule comes out for the next school year. I immediately start dreaming and scheming, thinking about where we can travel and when. The first thing that Chrissy and I noticed when this year’s schedule was released was that she and the boys would have a full week off ahead of Christmas. We could actually go on vacation for a full 7 days and still be home to celebrate with family. My eyes...

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12 Unforgettable Trips (Without The Kids)

Greetings from Patagonia, the inspiration for this review of our unforgettable trips! As parents of 6 & 3 year olds, sometimes we just need a break. A break from kids & daily life. A break from work & household chores. A break to spend time together as a couple instead of just being mom & dad. This is our 3rd post-kids break without the kids, and as long as we have grandparents willing to look after the kids, we will keep taking them. Pre-kids my wife & I spent years racking up the miles running off to exciting destinations....

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Cathay Pacific – Our worst flight experience as a family

In December, my family and I were taking our first trip together to India, where my grandmother was turning 100 (another story). We had booked our outbound flight on Cathay Pacific, excited given we had heard so many good things about them. Our experience with them couldn’t have gone worse. Our flight was SEA – SFO on Alaska Airlines then SFO – HKG on Cathay Pacific and lastly HKG – BLR. We had a perfectly normal flight from Seattle when everything fell apart. In SFO, around 9pm and despite having a paper ticket in hand from American Airlines (we...

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Disneyland Paris Day Trip

Before moving to South Florida we lived in Paris, France for 2.5 years and made sure we fit in a Disneyland Paris day trip. It’s easy enough to get to Disneyland from Paris for a day trip as long as you plan ahead. Because we had a car, we drove, but another (and possibly better) option is to go by train. There are plenty of regular services from Paris to Disneyland, which are likely to be more reliable than traffic in & around Paris. Disneyland Paris Day Trip We went on our Disneyland Paris day trip to celebrate our...

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Forget the NFL – 6 Reasons Why I Love English Football And Why You Should Too

Forget the NFL We’ll have just left the port of New Orleans on the Carnival Dream on Super Bowl Sunday, slowly cruising down the Mississippi River before eventually emerging out into the Gulf of Mexico. But I’ll try to catch some of the ‘big game’ in the RedFrog Bar because my hometown team is in the Super Bowl. Generally speaking though, if the Philadelphia Eagles once again failed to make it this far, I wouldn’t care less about it, or any other, National Football League game. That football ship sailed years ago for me. I will, however, stay updated...

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Arjana and Ivan and the Can’t Miss Jazz On Carnival Cruises

*Quick update on Arjana and Ivan since we spent time with them in Alaska on the Carnival Legend. They are currently basking in the sunny sun on board the Carnival Pride. Follow them on Facebook and go see them while cruising because this is some real can’t miss jazz on Carnival Cruises! Live jazz music is not the reason one gets themselves to Seattle, pays the extra cash for a balcony room, and cruises up the Inside Passage to Alaska. Hell, not even the succulent filet mignon and creamy sauce béarnaise from the Carnival Legend’s stunning Nouveau Restaurant is...

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Disney Cruise Tips – Expect the Unexpected on Longer Disney Cruises

Spending two weeks onboard a Disney cruise ship is little more than a dream for those of us with school-age children. But my in-laws have no such limitations. They recently returned from a two-week Disney Cruise Lines (DCL) sailing on the Wonder from San Diego through the Panama Canal to Galveston, Texas. I got to live vicariously through them and learned these Disney cruise tips for longer Disney cruises.    Disney Cruise Tips for Longer Disney Cruises My in-laws booked this cruise while sailing with my family on the Disney Wonder Alaska cruise we did back in 2014. This was their second cruise on...

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Best Airlines for Families (and What’s So Great About Them)

As we get into the holiday travel season with its endless excitement of long lines, overbooked flights, bad weather and having to see your family, it pays to know how best to get to wherever it is you’re going with your family. Having traveled with my family across the US and the globe on a variety of different airlines, I aim to break down which ones are the best for the traveling family. (Traveling Dad Tip: Don’t just book your flights with cash, save money by earning miles with these airline credit cards and booking trips with them! Traveling...

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Portsmouth Historic Dockyards

I’m not sure how things work in your family, but when it comes to my 12 and 10 year old, three words inspire fear (of death-by-boredom) and/or hesitation. They are, in no particular order, “Museum”, “Historic”, and “Brussel Sprouts”. As was expected, when my wife and I announced to them that we were taking them to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards, you can imagine their initial reaction. Visits to the dentist inspire more excitement than we received on that day, mainly because at least when you’re finished with the dentist, you get a toy. We tried to explain to them...

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Top Travel Destinations for 2018

What are your top travel destinations for 2018? For the last few years, our family creates a list for the upcoming year of destinations we hope to travel to over the next year. A few days ago, we created our top travel destinations for 2018. Top Travel Destinations for 2018: Costa Rica My wife and I went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. Ever since we’ve had kids, we wanted to take them to visit this wonderfully diverse country. Two years ago, we discovered a friend owns a rental home in Costa Rica, near the coast. We found this...

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