How to Poach an Egg & Other Cooking Tips

Give a dad a poached egg and you feed him for a day. Teach a dad to poach an egg and he’ll be a hero the next time he’s cooking his daughter breakfast. Or so the saying sort of goes. Now, you can likely teach yourself how to properly poach an egg, grill an octopus, sear a halibut, or plate a dish from browsing different YouTube videos. Or, you can learn all of those things and more from watching the single epic video embedded at the end of this post. It’s like getting a free master class in cooking techniques, well,...

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Traveling Dad Presents: How to Take Better Photos (Video)

We emerged from the dimly-lit steakhouse, our bellies full of porterhouse, gulf shrimp, and spirits, our eyes full of northwest Florida sunlight, and naturally our very first thought was, let’s shoot a photography tips video in one take with no rehearsal. Because that’s how we roll at Traveling Dad. Watch the video embedded herein and you’ll realize pretty early on that I am merely in it to serve as facilitator and eye candy, assuming you like weird, aging candy. The muscle behind this project is Emmy-award winner JD Andrews, who dispensed all the tips and did a masterful job of editing the video;...

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Eat (or kill) Lionfish in the Caribbean

I attended a lionfish cooking demonstration  by the Sandals Foundation in Negril, Jamaica recently while visiting Beaches Resorts. Chef Juan, a head Chef at Beaches, presented a fish to the group and walked us through how best to prepare it. Before he did, though, he explained the dangers of the lionfish, and how the species is forever changing the Caribbean ecosystem. Why are lionfish dangerous Lionfish, formally known as Pterois, are a voracious fish native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. With few predators, most likely due to the effectiveness of their venomous spines, they have proliferated in the...

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How to Prevent An Awful First Business Trip in Five Steps

I recently attended the 2016 Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, CA. This being my first ACTUAL business trip, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be boring, or exciting? Would I have too much free time, or not enough? Would I be lonely, or networked out of my mind? As it turns out, there was a single answer to all of these questions: Sorta. The conference itself was fantastic; I learned a lot of cool stuff – some of which may even be beneficial to non-Millennials with “real jobs.” In particular, I learned exactly what I’d...

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