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Playing Hooky At A Baseball Game

Being a father of three, some times when we travel one or more of the kids don’t get enough individualized attention.  Every so often I like to make sure and spend some time one-on-one with each child.  Me and my youngest boy Matteo spent some time at the Round Rock Express baseball game together, just me and him. My youngest and I decided to play a little hooky and visit our local minor league baseball team The Round Rock Express. We said, who needs responsibilities and headed north of Austin to Round Rock, Texas. The Round Rock Express are a Triple...

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3 BBQ Institutions in Lockhart, TX

You know us Texans love BBQ.  If you haven’t heard of Lockhart, TX it is the Barbecue Capital of Texas.  A road trip to Lockhart, TX is a must for any real Texan or visitor to Central Texas.  Just 35 miles Southeast of Austin, Texas you will find an unassuming town of 13,000 residents and home to some of the best BBQ ever. BBQ Institutions in Lockhart, TX The misses and I had a day off on Good Friday, so we decided to take a little road trip to Lockhart. Kruez Market The first thing you need to know is...

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How To Spend A Weekend In Denver With Kids

Thanks to a late start from Kansas City, then stops in Topeka to see the outstanding Brown v. Board of Education site, and in Manhattan to peruse the Kansas State University bookstore (what can I say, my youngest daughter loves purple and cats), we didn’t even get the thrill of a daytime Rocky Mountain approach to Denver. And then came the rain. So much rain. It was a rough nine-hour driving day that didn’t end until we tossed our keys to the valet just before midnight. Thankfully, Hilton’s mobile check-in had us on our way up to a top...

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Jekyll Island is the Perfect Stress-Free Family Beach Getaway

Looking for a family beach vacation without all the clutter of popular resort towns? On Jekyll Island you’ll find pristine beaches and plenty of activities in a more laid back setting. Located on Georgia’s Atlantic coast, this lesser known piece of the Golden Isles is within easy reach of the I-95 corridor. The peaceful natural setting and variety of activities have made this one of my favorite destinations. In the late 1800s, Jekyll Island was an exclusive resort for the wealthy. Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Morgans built large homes, mere ‘cottages’ to them, in addition to the Jekyll Island Club...

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The Lexus IS200t Is A Little Bit “Extra”

This past November, my family and I decided to head out of town for a bit of a Thanksgiving “staycation” in Orlando. Rather than spend the typically stress-filled weekend running around like a turkey with our head cut off, we’d instead be pampered, served, and introduced to the joys of footgolf. Along for the ride – actually, our ride itself – was a spicy-hot red Lexus IS200t courtesy of DriveShop USA. The littlest Lexus provided everything a family ready to spend hours on the road would expect; it possessed style, space, power, and comfort. The twice-removed blood ties to...

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Imagine being famed British archaeologist Howard Carter chiseling open a sealed stone door found at the bottom of some mysterious steps uncovered by his excavation team and peering inside by the light of a candle in his hand to see the glint of gold sparkling in the darkness.  When asked by colleagues at that moment if he saw anything, Carter replied “Yes, wonderful things!”  Since that 1922 discovery of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s hidden tomb within the Valley of the Kings this trove of valuable treasure and artifacts has captivated the world’s interest and imagination about King Tut and ancient Egyptian...

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NEW! Jimmy Fallon Ride Opens at Universal Orlando Resort!

  The all new Jimmy Fallon ride at Universal Studios Florida celebrated it’s grand opening, yesterday with several celebrities joining Jimmy Fallon, including Duane “The Rock” Johnson and Pit Bull to commemorate Jimmy’s new ride. “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon” is the newest ride at Universal Studios in Orlando.  This ride is a high speed attraction around New York City.  You will face Jimmy Fallon and some other fun characters from NBC’s “The Tonight Show” as you zoom around Manhattan, subways, and even over skyscrapers.  It sounds like such an amazing ride…right?  I know a lot of people...

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5 Reasons to Visit Austin Beerworks Brewery

Two Traveling Dads Walk Into a Bar A recent work trip took me back to my old stomping ground of Austin, Tex. I reached out to fellow TDAD Josh Rodriguez, as no trip to Austin is complete without sharing a beer with this gentleman (and scholar!). Upon my arrival at Austin Bergstrom Airport, I texted him asking of his whereabouts and his reply was, “Austin Beerworks.” Visit Austin Beerworks Brewery? That wasn’t on my list for my quick two day jaunt into the liberal heartbeat of Texas. GPS input and 20 minutes later, I parked and pulled up to...

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7 Must Do Family Attractions in North Carolina

Growing up in North Carolina, I’ve always taken for granted everything it has to offer. That’s changed in the past couple of years, after finding out we were pregnant and having our first child. My wife, Vicki, and I now talk about all of the weekend trips we can take from Raleigh. While doing some research, I thought other families may want to know some of the family-friendly must do’s in North Carolina. Whether you are from this area or you’re just passing through, keep this post bookmarked for quick reference. It may just help you plan your next...

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