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Southwest Airlines – Why They Are Perfect For Your Family

The United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. If these places are where you want to fly with your family, then Southwest Airlines should be one of the first places you look. Southwest is great for your family and one of the friendliest airlines you will fly.   Southwest Boarding Process You may know Southwest as “that weird airline that doesn’t assign seats”. If you have never flown with them before, this can be a bit stressful. Once you understand the process, however, it is fairly easy to navigate. It is especially friendly if you are traveling with young kids....

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Happily Ever After Fireworks Review

Disney fans underwent some weeping and gnashing of teeth a few months ago when Disney announced its plans to end Wishes, the long running nighttime fireworks spectacular at the Magic Kingdom. Wishes holds a sentimental spot in many Disney fans hearts so I understood their worry. On May 12, 2017 Disney debuted the new Magic Kingdom Nighttime Spectacular: Happily Ever After. So one simple question: is Happily Ever After a worthy successor to Wishes? In this traveling dad’s opinion, the answer is 100% yes. Yes, I loved Wishes and will definitely miss it, but Happily Ever After more than...

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How did our kids with allergies do at Disney World?

Traveling with kids with allergies poses a unique challenge in that it can often define where you travel to and how much luggage you need to take. Still, allergies don’t prevent us from traveling, but we do plan much more in advance than we would otherwise. For our trip to Disney World (our first), we actually assumed there would be plenty of food for the kids to enjoy, even if it wasn’t necessarily healthy (read: greasy food every day). So we brought some food from home, but really didn’t pack much and basically winged it except for pre-booking 1...

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Universal Volcano Bay – Why You Shouldn’t Go Now

How We Ended Up Going Those of you who have been following Traveling Dad or me personally, know that we had our retreat in Orlando last week. In addition to the few days of fun with Disney celebrating the opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar, our family decided to extend the trip to a full week and explore a bit on our own. Since the temps were forecast to be in the mid 90’s for the duration of our trip, we wanted to make sure to include a water park in our plans. The obvious choice was...

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Guy’s weekend in Chicago. Who doesn’t love pizza?

When your friend says “hey, let’s go to Chicago to eat some deep dish pizza!” it’s hard to say no. Well, that happened to me and it started a plan for a quick weekend guy’s trip. We left Raleigh on the first flight Saturday morning and returned on the first flight back on Sunday night. All in all, it was a great, quick trip and we did some pretty cool things, but it was also exhausting. Chicago is a quick and easy flight from Raleigh. At about 1.5 hours, it’s nice because you get there about 30 minutes after...

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Camping With a Toddler? You Can Do That

I  often get a bit over eager to experience life with my 2.5 year old son. I’ll begin making elaborate plans for going to a baseball game or heading to a theme park. My wife will then, ever so gentle as to not completely deflate me, remind me he is still only 2.5. I recently determined one cool week this May that the boy was old enough to head out on his first adventure with dad – into the woods for camping. Before my wife could try and step in to deliver a dose of reality, I proclaimed it...

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The Traveling Dad Guide to Pandora: The World of Avatar

The Traveling Dad Guide to Pandora: The World of Avatar was reported by Paul Eisenberg, Shawn McAskill, Tim Jones, Daymon Patterson, Josh Rodriguez, and John C. Vanda. We came, we saw, we drank beer in the morning. Morning is relative, though, especially at Walt Disney World. Especially within the dozen acres of Disney’s Animal Kingdom now known as the alien moon of Pandora, where it was perhaps after 5 p.m. Therefore it was acceptable for a rollicking band of Traveling Dads to belly up to Pongu Pongu (how the Na’vi of James Cameron’s “Avatar” say “Party Party”) and tipple...

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Why Animal Kingdom is the Best Disney Park for Preschoolers

Disney vacations with preschoolers can be a challenge for many reasons. Number one for your child  (if not you as well), is finding appropriate rides. The little ones are likely to feel left out as they are relegated to “It’s a Small World” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” while mom, dad, and older siblings take turns on the more exciting rides. In addition, Disney’s parks are sprawling. Even with all the transportation options available, making your way from end to end is exhausting for their fast-moving but nonetheless tiny legs. Worst of all is the worry that they’re just...

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I’m All About That B.A.S.S. Fishing Excursion at Disney World

Did you know you could go fishing at Disney World? Many people don’t know about this unique experience available in a few locations at Disney World. Fishing at Disney World Disney World offers 2 and 4 hour guided fishing excursions at several locations throughout Disney World. These catch-and-release trips provide great experiences for kids and young fishermen and women. Although it’s actual fishing (none of the lakes are stocked lakes), the guides know their stuff and they put you on the fish, if at all possible. Perfect for amateur and more experienced fishers, the B.A.S.S. guided fishing excursions give you...

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