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Is the Disney Memory Maker a Must Have for Your Disney Vacation?

The Disney Memory Maker (formerly known as Photo Pass) is an absolute must-have for your Disney vacation. Read on to learn why, whether your at Disney World for the weekend or two weeks, you MUST buy the Disney Memory Maker. What is the Disney Memory Maker? Some of you may be wondering what is this Memory Maker of which you speak? Well, it’s an optional add on to your Disney vacation that allows you to get EVERY PHOTO that is taken of your family, whether on a ride or by a Disney PhotoPass photographer. Want that iconic photo of...

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Best First Time Rides for Kids Under 48 Inches at the Magic Kingdom

Everyone remembers their first time. Do you remember your first time? I sure do. I was 15. Oh, it was glorious. Round, beautiful, and glowing in the sun. It was my first time riding any ride at Disney World and I was getting ready to go inside the giant golf ball known as Spaceship Earth. Wait, what did you think I was talking about? The first time we ride a ride at Disney World sticks with you for life. It’s a seminal experience that one never forgets. Especially, when that ride takes place in Disney World’s iconic theme park,...

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The 6 Best U.S. Cities To Experience The Best Live Kids Music

You may not know it, but we’re alive in the Golden Age of Family Music. It’s the golden age of live kids music too. However, aside from Sirius XM Kids Place Live (channel 78!), the occasional blurb in People Magazine or USA Today, podcasts like my OWTK Kids Music Monthly, the Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl and Spare the Rock, hardly anyone is paying attention. That’s a real shame because there’s never been a better time to be a music-loving family. All over the U.S., there are passionate, talented musicians putting a fresh spin on music for children and their...

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Traveling around Metro Detroit you may notice stores, restaurants, parks, and other public spaces have artwork on display that looks like it should be in a museum.  Actually these are high-quality reproductions of masterpieces from the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) that are being shown at outdoor venues as part of a community outreach program called INSIDE|OUT encouraging people to visit the museum.  2017 marks the 8th year the DIA has put on the program in collaboration with local communities and financial support from the Knight Foundation.  This year’s INSIDE|OUT collection consists of 120 pieces that are being featured...

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6 Things We Consider For Travel with Our 2 Small Kids

It may seem strange, but after having our 2 kids, we seem to travel more than we did when we were childless. Part of the reason is we visit grandparents more and we realized we travel a lot differently when we visit them versus going on vacation elsewhere. I thought it would be interesting to talk about the 6 things we consider when traveling, and how they differ depending on where we’re going. Some of this will only be relevant for younger kids (ours are 4 and 1) so we’ll see how they evolve over time.   1. Do...

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Colorful Wynwood Walls Will Wow You

Wynwood – Miami, Fla. Every big city has a neighborhood with a dotted past. A neighborhood that is going through a resurgence, typically led by artist, which eventually becomes gentrified and prices out those trendsetters. In Miami, one neighborhood that’s ultra chic and trendy is Wynwood. Wynwood, just north of Downtown Miami, near the Brickell area, is certainly not completely gentrified yet. There are many characteristics, and characters, to remind of that if you step a few streets out of the main drag in any direction. Homeless shelters and those in those who call the streets their home greet...

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Free Fishing with Kids in New York City

At least once a day in conference rooms and business schools across the galaxy you’re certain to hear someone say that if you want something done in a way that’s good, cheap, and fast, you’re dreaming, because realistically you can only pick two of the three. That saying may apply to a great many things but I discovered last weekend that it’s not true of the Harlem Meer, a lake in the northernmost reach of New York City’s Central Park where the fishing is free, good, and fast, as well as easy and fun. The Meer, which incidentally is...

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