Venture to Vero Beach: Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa Review

Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa is a serene beach gem tucked in the Atlantic coast of Florida, also known as the Treasure Coast. If you like quiet coastal towns with quirky shops and restaurants, then start making plans. I recently went on a trip with the family and found the accommodations to be quite ideal for traveling with the kids. We stayed in a two bedroom with plenty of space between us and the kids, in fact a bathroom separated the rooms so we had some quiet time when they woke up. Nearby, you’ll find the likes of...

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Oregon Coast “Camping” In A Beverly Beach Yurt

Looking for a perfect weekend getaway on the Oregon coast? If you desire to stay in a more camping-style accommodation rather than a hotel, you should check out a yurt – our family’s favorite yurt destination is at Beverly Beach State Park, on Oregon’s central coast. About Beverly Beach State Park Beverly Beach is located just 5 miles north of Newport, Oregon and has a beautiful 3-mile wide beach to enjoy, ample forested hiking opportunities, amazing trees and mountain scenery and even a fun playground if your kids desire to use it. Being a larger state park, Beverly Beach...

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Take a Hike! Lessons Learned Hiking to Delicate Arch

Take a hike! Any hike! Just get outside and do it! Delicate Arch Hike: The Story 5 years ago, our family took an 8,600 mile road trip around the US. 23 states. 11 National Parks. Memories that will last a lifetime. One memory that stuck with me over the years was Delicate Arch. We arrived at Arches National Park after a four and a half hour drive from Bryce Canyon. It was 115 degrees outside and Arches appeared to be mostly a driving park. Our kids were 6 and 8 at the time. They were a bit cranky with...

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Find Your Rhythm at Detroit’s Motown Museum

Motown, the combination of jazz and soulful upbeat lyrics, defined the 1960s for many Americans. Born in the heart of Detroit, Berry Gordy’s independent Motown Records studio turned out more successful artists than any of the major labels. Touring the Motown Museum will introduce you to the origins of this distinctive sound and you’ll learn a great deal of history about the Gordy family, record company, and artists. Here is a bit of history on Berry Gordy’s Motown Records and information to help you plan a visit to the Motown Museum.   The Creation of Motown Records Berry Gordy...

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A Dad and His Son at a Baseball Game

Baseball is America’s favorite past time and I grew up playing baseball. I love playing baseball and I love going to Arlington to catch a Texas Rangers baseball game. But living in Austin, Texas we have an awesome Triple A affiliate of the Texas Rangers just a few miles up the road in Round Rock, Texas.  The Round Rock Express call Round Rock, Texas home and play at the Dell Diamond. Minor League Baseball in Round Rock has a huge fan base and it is a great experience for families. Every season we like to catch a few games...

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Exploring the Columbus Zoo

Hearing nothing but praise as being one of America’s top zoos, we packed into the wagon and headed to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. We weren’t disappointed in the least. In fact, after 8 hours our feet gave way in the summer heat and we missed exploring a few areas. All the better reason to come back again and experience all the zoo has to offer. Located near the beautiful town of Dublin, in central Ohio, it is the perfect place to launch a few days of exploring the area in and around Columbus. Even on its own, the...

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Art and Nature in Harmony at Frederik Meijer Gardens

Our day spent touring the Frederik Meijer Gardens reminded me of why I love traveling to new places. The 158 acre facility is much more than just well planned floral gardens. The grounds are divided into different environments, ranging from a local farmstead to a massive tropical conservatory. But what makes Meijer Gardens stand out is the hundreds of sculptures integrated into the landscape. Ranging from small animal statues to towering works of art, the sculptures are placed to add another dimension to the surrounding greenery. Located on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the gardens are open year...

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5 Tips for Visiting The DoSeum

Last weekend family and I jumped into the truck and headed Southbound on IH 35 to visit The DoSeum. The DoSeum is located on 2800 Broadway San Antonio, Texas. The DoSeum is San Antonio’s museum for kids. It is a super fun, interactive place for kids.  Featured exhibits include a sensation studio so kids can interactive with sound and video.  A spy academy to help kids hone in on their spy skills. In addition, The DoSeum has a special place for the toddlers, named Little Town. Little Town is has buildings, roads, street furniture, stop signs—even miniature birds and squirrels in dioramas....

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5 Best Places for Dad to Take a Break at Disney World

Where can Dad take a break at Disney World? 5 Places for Dad to Take a Break at Disney World It’s 95 degrees outside, the humidity is approaching 200%, you’ve waited in 4 hour long lines, the kids are cranky, and you’re exhausted. What can you do that will keep the kids and Mom happy that gives you a brief respite from the chaos? Peoplemover The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover is an all-time favorite to take a break at Disney World. This emissions-free transport vehicle takes guests on a 10 minute tour of Tomorrowland. For Dads, it’s a chance...

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