5 Best Things to Do While Solo At Walt Disney World

Every so often a person gets the chance to travel alone. Most recently I traveled to Walt Disney World for a preview of Pandora: World of Avatar.  You can read all about the Traveling Dad experience, THE TRAVELING DAD GUIDE TO PANDORA: THE WORLD OF AVATAR. While I was there enjoying Pandora, I had a few hours to myself and was able to see Disney from a whole different perspective. 5 Best Things to Do While Solo At Walt Disney World Enjoy the parks leisurely – there is something to be said about not having to stick to a nap...

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Discover the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Located in Michigan’s Northwestern Lower Peninsula, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore provides an amazing variety of activities for all ages. Voted a top destination by media outlets, such as Good Morning America and USA Today, Sleeping Bear encompasses 71,1999 acres and 35 miles of pristine Lake Michigan shoreline. North and South Manitou islands are also included within the park borders and accessible by ferries from the town of Leland. The park is well known for its beautiful sand dunes, but also contains historic village and farms as well as 21 inland lakes and forested areas. Visitors can spend anywhere...

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Disney’s EPCOT Park: More Than Just Great Rides file | Play in new window | Duration: 59:07 What are we rambling about this week? You are in for a treat this week our faithful listeners.  You can find a truckload of content out there about EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, but none quite like this.  Listen to the podcast this week to find out why Vader’s wife needed to find him special shampoo; why Mufasa needs to research better for his podcast preparation; what’s going on in the Disney parks current events; and most importantly, we’ll actually talk about EPCOT. We’ll talk your ears off...

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Summer in Seattle, Part 1: The Tourist Traps (Worth Getting Trapped)

Folks in Seattle get very excited about summer (IT’S TODAY!!!). For one thing, it’s the only time of year we get away from the rain. For another, it’s the only time of year we get away from the rain. So yes, locals are very much looking forward to it. And tourists flock to Seattle in the summer as well and wonder why we cry (literally) about the rain. How do you think everything got, and stayed, so green in the summer??!! Excuse me. With that out of the way, Seattle truly is stunning in the summer and to all...

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Exploring Detroit’s Food Culture

Originally settled by the French, British and Americans colonists quickly erased any hopes of fancy fare from the menus; leaving only place names on the odd street sign. Detroit stands out in the Midwest for its later influx of immigrants. While cities like Chicago and St. Louis grew quickly with westward expansion and trade, Michigan was left behind in the rush to expand in the 1800s. The World knows Detroit as The Motor City for good reason. In the early decades of the twentieth century immigrants were drawn to the city by the promise of good wages and shorter...

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Adopt a Banshee in Pandora: World of Avatar

Adopt your very own banshee from Pandora! Deep within Windtraders merchandise store, Pandora explorers will find an Ikran (Banshee) Rookery. Typically, you will run into the Banshee Rookery and adopt a banshee after riding Flight of Passage, since it routes you directly through Windtraders to exit the ride. It would be hard to miss the Rookery, but it’s directly to your right just before exiting the store. The banshees cost $49.95 and you can get a display perch for the banshee to sit on. However, it’s obvious as you explore Pandora that these creatures were meant to perch on...

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Disney’s Pandora – Flying, Gawking, Eating, Banshees, and more! file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:08:05Mufasa shoplifts, Vader needs to join AA, and one of the Disney castmembers in Pandora may have been on recreational drugs!  It’s time for another jam-packed podcast filled with all the details from our recent trip to Walt Disney World to experience the dedication of Pandora – The World of Avatar.  Or, as I like to call it, Pandora – Can You Tell Which Plants are the Fake Ones?  You’re getting a full hour this episode, at least 12 minutes of it containing useful information!  Lucky You!  Check out the...

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How did our kids with allergies do at Disney World?

Traveling with kids with allergies poses a unique challenge in that it can often define where you travel to and how much luggage you need to take. Still, allergies don’t prevent us from traveling, but we do plan much more in advance than we would otherwise. For our trip to Disney World (our first), we actually assumed there would be plenty of food for the kids to enjoy, even if it wasn’t necessarily healthy (read: greasy food every day). So we brought some food from home, but really didn’t pack much and basically winged it except for pre-booking 1...

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Why Animal Kingdom is the Best Disney Park for Preschoolers

Disney vacations with preschoolers can be a challenge for many reasons. Number one for your child  (if not you as well), is finding appropriate rides. The little ones are likely to feel left out as they are relegated to “It’s a Small World” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” while mom, dad, and older siblings take turns on the more exciting rides. In addition, Disney’s parks are sprawling. Even with all the transportation options available, making your way from end to end is exhausting for their fast-moving but nonetheless tiny legs. Worst of all is the worry that they’re just...

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I’m All About That B.A.S.S. Fishing Excursion at Disney World

Did you know you could go fishing at Disney World? Many people don’t know about this unique experience available in a few locations at Disney World. Fishing at Disney World Disney World offers 2 and 4 hour guided fishing excursions at several locations throughout Disney World. These catch-and-release trips provide great experiences for kids and young fishermen and women. Although it’s actual fishing (none of the lakes are stocked lakes), the guides know their stuff and they put you on the fish, if at all possible. Perfect for amateur and more experienced fishers, the B.A.S.S. guided fishing excursions give you...

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