A Family Road Trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs

For a quick summer vacation this year, we decided to take a road trip down to Colorado Springs, Colorado to visit the Great Wolf Lodge resort that opened there in 2016. For those who aren’t familiar with Great Wolf Lodge, these are resorts throughout the United States that offer an all-in-one experience centering around a “lodge-style” resort and water park. Think of it as you would going on a child-friendly cruise ship, but without the boat. To illustrate how immersive and full of activities and fun the Great Wolf Lodge experience can be: our family arrived and, upon our...

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Hotel Review: Tamarijn Aruba All-Inclusive Resort

They call Aruba “One Happy Island” for good reasons, and our happy little family felt right at home in those famous warm waters and white sands. Our stay at the Tamarijn Aruba All-Inclusive Resort was awesome because we didn’t have to think about much more than which beach chairs we would occupy each day.

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Top 10 Rides and Attractions for Tweens at Magic Kingdom

The focus of family vacations to Disney World often centers around younger kids. Our experience, however, has been that tweens enjoy Magic Kingdom even more. They know the stories, the characters, and are more independent. Growing older, and taller, also opens up a greater variety of rides, such as the insanely fun roller coasters. Here are my top 10 picks for rides and attractions your tweens will love at Magic Kingdom. Attractions for Fun and Laughs Mad Tea Party – Who doesn’t love a fast paced whirl around in the teacups? Well, there are some who aren’t too fond...

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Top 10 Thrill Rides for Teens at Disney World

Parents often question whether or not their teens will enjoy a Disney World vacation. “Aren’t they too old for princesses?” In case you haven’t noticed, Disney has a TV channel aimed squarely at teens and the theme parks are no less exciting for this age group. While there may not be the standard extreme roller coasters, there are still plenty of exciting thrill rides for teens at Disney World. Imagineers have put a lot more effort into designing rides that tell a story and, even in the queues, riders will find themselves entertained instead of just scared of the...

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What It’s Like Swimming with Manatees

Sometimes, in the life of a family travel writer and photographer, you must leave the family back at the ranch and have experiences all by your solo self. It’s a happy and sad reality all at once, but sometimes there’s not budget for +3, and so I go it alone and report back to them and to you. And then sometimes, I make immediate plans to return to that exact spot I stood, or in this case swam, with my wife and kids because the experience was so grand, so unique, and so enormous! There I was, at 6:45...

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5 Surprising Things About Exuma Bahamas

If you love beaches, boating, nature and sea life, Exuma Bahamas has to go on your bucket list. These are the top 5 surprising things we found while visiting Exuma Bahamas last year. After a few days at the Atlantis Bahamas Resort we took a short flight to Great Exuma, the largest of 365 islands that make up Exuma. Here’s what you need to know about Exuma. Things To Do In Exuma Bahamas If you think of the Bahamas as an exotic honeymoon destination, Exuma does not disappoint with hotels like Sandals Emerald Bay. Ours was not that kind of trip. With...

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Oregon Mini Vacation: Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

On a recent Monday, we headed to the Oregon coast to stay in a yurt at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. We ventured through Florence, Oregon toward Reedsport and then to Winchester Bay for our one-night stay in a pet-friendly yurt so we could bring our family golden retriever, Maggie, on this summer adventure. Umpqua Lighthouse State Park is located overlooking the famous Salmon Harbor on Winchester Bay on the southern Oregon coast. The State Park is surrounded by towering sand dunes. Part of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, these dunes reach heights of 500 feet and are ideal...

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A Trip to Glenwood Springs Colorado as We #FindNewRoads

Chevrolet invited us to road trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and find adventure as part of its Find New Roads campaign. Our trip included a visit with Chevy representatives to see the family-oriented features of the Chevy crossovers, a scenic drive into the Rocky Mountains, a day at a mountain top adventure park, a dip in some natural mineral hot springs, and a scenic drive home through Northern Colorado and into Wyoming. Road Trip in a Chevy Traverse Our drive for this getaway was a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse in its (theme-appropriate) High Country trim. The Traverse has three rows of...

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What Parents Need to Know About the Disney Cruise Lines Oceaneer Club

The exclusive areas for kids onboard Disney Cruise ships are just one of the many features that make Disney Cruise Line unique. Ranging from infant care to teen clubs, there are unique spaces for all age groups. By far the most popular is the Oceaneer Club. The club is divided into several rooms with different themes and activities to appeal to kids in the 3 to 12 age range. Don’t worry, kids won’t have all the fun. Parents can enjoy some kid-free time to themselves knowing that the younger members of the family are well taken care of by Disney...

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Journey Through History in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Parkersburg, West Virginia sits at a crossroad of early American history. The Ohio river was an important waterway for westward expansion in the early 1800s and port towns sprang up to support travelers. The region also saw the first major oil fields in the United States and was a leader in oil and natural gas production into the 20th century. The Parkersburg area offers an unique glimpse back in time through walking tours, museums, and a boat ride to an island with a special story.   Fort Boreman: See Parkersburg from Above Before heading into Parkersburg, drive up to...

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