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Watch Vs Warning: What You Need to Know Plus Flood Safety Tips

G.I. Joe taught us that “knowing is half the battle” and the Boy Scouts followed up that lesson with “Be Prepared.”  With those wise words echoing are you really prepared? Quick: Watch vs. warning. What’s the difference? Most folks don’t know. Read on for a full watch vs warning explanation and bonus flash flood safety tips. Flash Flooding Happens in a Flash: Don’t Underestimate the Weather Large swathes of the good ‘ol US of A are prone to flash flooding. Those who don’t live in flood regions may not fully appreciate the sheer gravity of flash flooding. Throw in...

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The 2017 Nissan Pathfinder Completely Surprised Me

I went into our recent winter trip to Maryland expecting (hoping) that a unique driving experience awaited me. I was prepared to put our borrowed 2017 Nissan Pathfinder through its paces up and down snow and ice-covered mountains. I anticipated my car control skills and this latest version of Nissan’s popular crossover to both be properly tested. Of course, without the onslaught of snow we planned for, that test was no longer part of our itinerary. However, I was far from disappointed. In fact, I was gifted a totally unexpected driving experience by way of one of the 2017...

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Here’s How To Take A Couples Only Vacation With Kids…Seriously

When you and your significant other plan an evening out alone, you know, those elusive date nights we parents desire more than Gollum wants that precious ring, what is needed to ensure the evening is a smashing success? Incredible food, probably. And memorable entertainment, likely. But most importantly, if you are anything like us, what is wanted, no, what is NEEDED is to know that our kids are being cared for properly and that they are having a fine enough time of it as well. There is absolutely no/nil/zip/zilch/zero chance we will be able enjoy ourselves, no matter how...

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Dad Lessons Learned While Visiting California

If you’re the father of a daughter then you know the side-eye. While this disapproving sidelong glance has been perfected by Frank Underwood, if you’re the father of a daughter (I have two, as well as a young son with his own collection of dirty looks) then you’re accustomed to getting side-eye when you’re snapping photos of your beloved little girls, especially while on vacation. And the more I need the photo – and if you’re a family travel writer, you always need a photo of your kid doing something – the more disdainful the side-eye. But here’s the thing....

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7 survival tips for flying alone with young kids

A few weeks ago, I made my first solo dad travel with my 4 year and 18 month old. My wife attended a conference in Charleston and I took the kids down to meet with her on a direct two hour flight from Boston. You can read about my trials and travails when flying alone with young kids here. I’ve by no means mastered solo dad travel with my kids but learned a lot from my experience. If you’re a dad (or mom) flying alone with young kids, let me share some tips for how to survive it! Though, as any...

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Safety First When Taking Texas Bluebonnet Pictures

Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes wildflowers. As spring creeps into Texas ahead of the rest of the country roadways explode in color with bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and many more colorful flowers. Also exploding? A total disregard for safety as people clamor to get the perfect bluebonnet pictures. Bluebonnet Season in Central Texas Bluebonnet Season (or what most of the U.S. would call “spring”) becomes a conquest of sorts in Central Texas. Much like the infamous “leaf peepers” of New England, Texas has its own breed of hard-core, never say die, and perhaps even fanatical seasonal botany...

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Without this free add-on, GPS could kill you and your family

There is a crucial add-on needed for every GPS device used in vehicles or on phones. It’s being learned that without this add-on, GPS systems are potentially leading to serious emergencies and even death. The add-on is free. State departments of transportation are recommending that before leaving home with a trip programmed into GPS, the add-on be installed and driver and passengers learn to use it. It’s very simple, and it could save lives. This winter, emergency service crews have rescued dozens of stranded families whose dangerous brush with disaster was caused by using digital GPS mapping without a...

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Meet Jeff the Wanderer – The Newest Traveling Dad

For my first post here on Traveling Dad, I thought I should take some time to introduce you to myself and my family. Those of you who have been around the miles and points world for a while may recognize me from my former blogging days or from the few times I have spoken at conferences. To the rest of you, I am probably a new face. You may be wondering why I am showing up as a writer. The Facts To start, lets get the basic statistics out of the way. Name: Jeffrey Brownson Nickname: Jeff The Wanderer...

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