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How To Eat on a Budget in Disney Springs

It’s alright to admit it. The thing most dads fear when planning a Disney trip are the outrageous expenses involved. Especially when it comes to food. Eating inside or outside any of the major parks and surrounding areas can be an intimidating ask for even the most respectable bank account. Sure, you’re on vacation so you expect to indulge a little, but is a $100-per-day meal budget too much to hope for? Believe it or not, it’s possible. The question of whether you have to choose between sustenance for a family of four and future college tuition finally has...

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Ghost Town Austin, Texas

Ever been to a ghost town?  Well if you are visiting Austin, Texas you can take a short drive out to J. Lorraine Ghost Town to be exact. If you head down 290 East toward Houston you will see a tiny sign saying “ghost town – 1 mile” with an arrow pointing South.  After driving past the sign a few times we decided to drive down and see what the ghost town was all about. The J. Lorraine ghost town is an 1800’s inspired town sitting on 4.5 acres near Austin, Texas.  It  is open year round, weather permitting...

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Alaska Enables New Parents to Extend Elite Status

Frequent travelers, whether for business or leisure (or a bit of both!), spend a lot of time on planes and in airports. With all that travel, it’s a bonus when you gain elite status on an airline and are able to use the affordances this offers such as access to airline lounges, extra legroom on flights and more. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Alaska Airlines recently announced a program whereby new parents can extend their elite status for one year. That’s right, if you’re an Alaska MVP, MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75K and go on parental leave starting in...

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What’s in Your Pants?

What happens when you couple an Emmy Award-winning video editor with some Traveling Dads punch-drunk on Orlando sunshine but nonetheless eager to talk about the one thing that’s always in their pants when they travel? A video editor with his work cut out for him. Fortunately the aforementioned video guy, world traveling photographer JD Andrews, was not only behind the camera but also happens to be one of us (a Traveling Dad) so he understood the unique challenges of eliciting responses that were at once informative and hilarious. We hope you find the video embedded herein to be a bit of...

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Oh No! Our Vacation to Machu Picchu Is All Planned, But Mom Can’t Go

For the past several years, our family has been a family of travelers. We travel whenever we can. We travel during the summer, during holiday breaks, on long weekends, and any other time we can fit a trip in. Usually we have trips planned anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 months in the future, and sometimes even farther in advance. This is great when we use miles and points, because planning ahead is one of the best ways to make sure you can find available award flights and hotel nights. Sometimes, however, things come up that throw a wrench...

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Flights, Family and Rest: How to Arrive Refreshed

As a family man and business traveler, I travel numerous times a month for work, often by air. Let’s face it, travel, especially air travel, is grueling. Between the airport food, stress of maintaining family connections and work/life balance while on the road, the late nights and more – being on the road can be really stressful. Over my years as a traveler, I’ve developed a few strategies for arriving refreshed with kids, and without. Let’s walk through a few of them. Stay hydrated! If I had a number one rule to stay and keep refreshed when I travel,...

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Never Travel Without these Three Tech Helpers

Technology can do wonders for us when we travel with children. Tablets can entertain our kids during long layovers or on flights, iPhone games distract us from the unpleasantries of travel – in fact, it’s hard to imagine traveling before phones, tablets and computers. I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure –  and I’ve developed a kit that has my must-have items for smooth travel between destinations. Let’s walk through my must-have items. Bluetooth speaker I listen to tunes pretty much all day. And when I get to my hotel after a day of traveling or even...

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Air Travel Can be Enjoyable from Local Airports

Air travel is a convenience that quickly loses its appeal when we think of the airport. Being whisked to far off destinations in mere hours loses its luster when coupled with arrival at the airport hours early, wading through the TSA security lines, and trying to find a halfway decent place to sit near your gate to wait. Even parking is a hassle. We pay through the nose just to park at a lot down the street and take a shuttle, which eats up more time. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Airline travel...

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