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What To Do At Magic Kingdom When The Lines Are Too Long

Disney with Kids Visiting Disney with kids is about as American as apple pie. Talk to any kid, and chances are Walt Disney World is one of the places they want to go most. As one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, the Disney Parks in Orlando, Florida, bring in millions of visitors each year. As a parent, you want to try to visit when there are as few people as possible, but that does not always work out. Kids go to school. In my family, my wife is a teacher, so she goes to school...

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Giving Up Control: Can Self-Driving Cars and Dads Live in Harmony?

Self-parking cars, like the Ford Fusion I test drove in Florida, are the way of the future. But are they the right way for real men? We guys like to be in control. The feel of the gas pedal. Hands on the steering wheel. Showing off our parking prowess in that really tight parking spot. Living in New York City, where parking is always at a premium, learning to park is a critical coming-of-age skill. If the cars do it for us, what are dads supposed to teach their sons (and daughters)? On the other hand, after a long...

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Why you need travel insurance for your family

As I sit typing this, the entire left side of my jaw throbs in pain. Long story short, 48 hours ago I felt nothing, last night I woke up at 2 AM in a world of hurt. The diagnosis is in: I need a root canal. As a frequent family traveler, my third thought after “Crap” and “Should have flossed more” was “I’m so glad this didn’t happen on the road”. Things like this can, at best, put a damper on your vacation. At worst, they can end it altogether. Enter family travel insurance. I tend to stress out...

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Why Every Dad Needs to Travel with Their Kids

Family travel can often be pigeonholed into two categories. The first being the whole family, sometimes even pets, packing up for a week long destination like Myrtle Beach or Disney World. The second vacation mode leaves the kids at grandma’s house while the parents jet off for a few days lounging on some tropical beach. Sure, there are many variations on this theme, but it still boils down to the whole family going somewhere. There’s something missing. Not enough parents realize how important, and ultimately enjoyable, it is to travel one on one with their children. This is especially...

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How did our kids with allergies do at Disney World?

Traveling with kids with allergies poses a unique challenge in that it can often define where you travel to and how much luggage you need to take. Still, allergies don’t prevent us from traveling, but we do plan much more in advance than we would otherwise. For our trip to Disney World (our first), we actually assumed there would be plenty of food for the kids to enjoy, even if it wasn’t necessarily healthy (read: greasy food every day). So we brought some food from home, but really didn’t pack much and basically winged it except for pre-booking 1...

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3 Reasons the LG G6 Is A Solid Phone For Travelers

Introduction LG Electronics is a brand you likely heard of when it comes to mobile phone, but most have never owned an LG phone. That’s because Samsung and Apple rule the mobile world when it comes to advertisements and therefore, these well engineered, solid performing LG phones often get overlooked when American consumers go to the store to buy a new phone. I’ve been watching LG for a few years now as I was a big fan of the LG G4 and V10 models from 2015. In 2016, we had the LG G5 which was featured modular components to offer...

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Camping With a Toddler? You Can Do That

I  often get a bit over eager to experience life with my 2.5 year old son. I’ll begin making elaborate plans for going to a baseball game or heading to a theme park. My wife will then, ever so gentle as to not completely deflate me, remind me he is still only 2.5. I recently determined one cool week this May that the boy was old enough to head out on his first adventure with dad – into the woods for camping. Before my wife could try and step in to deliver a dose of reality, I proclaimed it...

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How I Planned An Epic Guy’s Getaway Weekend

Throughout my tedious, all-boy private high school years, I was teased unmercifully because my classmates thought I was gay. It was the early 90’s, when the bullying, teasing and name-calling happened face to face not on Twitter. I take some semblance of comfort in that. With no male friends and even fewer girlfriends during those looong four years of high school, I was an easy mark. It didn’t help my cause that I was fat, thoroughly unhip, a sports fan but not at all athletic, and that I flatly refused to talk about girls and the female anatomy the...

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Why Animal Kingdom is the Best Disney Park for Preschoolers

Disney vacations with preschoolers can be a challenge for many reasons. Number one for your child  (if not you as well), is finding appropriate rides. The little ones are likely to feel left out as they are relegated to “It’s a Small World” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” while mom, dad, and older siblings take turns on the more exciting rides. In addition, Disney’s parks are sprawling. Even with all the transportation options available, making your way from end to end is exhausting for their fast-moving but nonetheless tiny legs. Worst of all is the worry that they’re just...

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