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What To Pack For A Cruise for the Best First Day on the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas

Cruise Line Primer The first day can be dizzying. This is true of a first day of school, at a new job, of being a dad. It’s a universal thing and cruising is no different. Embarkation day (that’s the first day, for first time cruisers) is of course filled with waves of excitement over the tasty never-ending food, the pools, water slides, hot tubs, the kids clubs, activities like laser tag, ziplining, escape rooms, mini golf, and Broadway-style musicals, but on the other side of the coin is unbearable logistical dread thanks to long lines at check in, the wait...

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Top 10 Rides and Attractions for Tweens at Magic Kingdom

The focus of family vacations to Disney World often centers around younger kids. Our experience, however, has been that tweens enjoy Magic Kingdom even more. They know the stories, the characters, and are more independent. Growing older, and taller, also opens up a greater variety of rides, such as the insanely fun roller coasters. Here are my top 10 picks for rides and attractions your tweens will love at Magic Kingdom. Attractions for Fun and Laughs Mad Tea Party – Who doesn’t love a fast paced whirl around in the teacups? Well, there are some who aren’t too fond...

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Top 10 Thrill Rides for Teens at Disney World

Parents often question whether or not their teens will enjoy a Disney World vacation. “Aren’t they too old for princesses?” In case you haven’t noticed, Disney has a TV channel aimed squarely at teens and the theme parks are no less exciting for this age group. While there may not be the standard extreme roller coasters, there are still plenty of exciting thrill rides for teens at Disney World. Imagineers have put a lot more effort into designing rides that tell a story and, even in the queues, riders will find themselves entertained instead of just scared of the...

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What It’s Like Swimming with Manatees

Sometimes, in the life of a family travel writer and photographer, you must leave the family back at the ranch and have experiences all by your solo self. It’s a happy and sad reality all at once, but sometimes there’s not budget for +3, and so I go it alone and report back to them and to you. And then sometimes, I make immediate plans to return to that exact spot I stood, or in this case swam, with my wife and kids because the experience was so grand, so unique, and so enormous! There I was, at 6:45...

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Attention Disney Sci Fi Lovers – 7 Ways for Dads to Geek Out at Disney World

Disney World is known for providing magical childhood experiences where kids can meet fantastic princesses, be wildly spun around in giant tea cups and ride in the air with a flying elephant. That doesn’t mean dads can’t have some fun of their own during a visit, especially if you are a science fiction fan like me. From pretending to be an astronaut during a mock spaceship take-off to eating a meal at a Disney sci fi diner that replicates a drive-in movie theater, there are a lot of Disney sci fi attractions for sci-fi loving dads, and moms, to...

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I’m sure many people who have never ventured to Pittsburgh picture the place as a city filled with factories, steel mills and warehouses based upon its industrial past. Looking to spend some time bonding and having fun with my nine-year-old son, we embarked on a weekend getaway to Pittsburgh where both of us were familiar with its pro sports teams but neither had ever visited there before. What we discovered during our father-son road trip wasn’t the stereotypical factory town image that had been envisioned but rather an upbeat, energetic city that is full of world-class museums and educational...

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Best Disney World Resorts for Families

Disney World not only contains four theme parks, it has over 20 resort hotels to choose. From. Over the years, my family and I have stayed at several. Each has its own unique theme and layout. More importantly, there are different price levels and amenities to choose from for your particular vacation style. Will pools be an important part of your days, or maybe easy access to the parks is more important. Here are my picks for best Disney World hotels for families to help you decide. Disney World Pop Century Resort Pop Century has always been my pick...

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Fun Family Activities in Columbus Ohio

Looking for a fun family getaway in the Midwest this summer? Look no further than Columbus in central Ohio where you’ll find plenty of places to explore indoors and outdoors. Interactivity and learning are two factors I always look for when searching for family vacation destinations and Columbus easily fills both categories, while offering a variety of activities to please many interests. Here are a few of the standout attractions we love in this vibrant city.   COSI – The Columbus Center of Science and Industry COSI, located in the heart of Columbus, provides kids of all ages with...

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Three Reasons (+1) You Should Be Traveling With A OnePlus 6

I’ve long been a fan of OnePlus, the Chinese phone maker that, for years, has been releasing Android phones that offer big value and performance at very competitive prices. You see, the smartphone world is very competitive and tough. Apple and Samsung command a large portion of the market share and there are a few other phone makers who try to stand out by cutting costs or offering unique features. As dads, especially traveling dads, we need technology that can keep up with our needs and our on-the-go families. We don’t have time to fuss around with dead batteries,...

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The Right Parts for Your Performance Car

                              Okay so you know I travel a lot. But what you may not know is when I do, I drive to my destinations more than 30% of the time. And when it’s time to hit the road I need my cars to be r-e-a-d-y! With that, I buy my parts from JEGS is all about performance, muscle cars and racing. If Ford, Chevy, or Dodge performance in new cars is your thing, go to JEGS.COM. If Mercedes-Benz is your thing as it is mine, go to...

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