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Oh No! Our Vacation to Machu Picchu Is All Planned, But Mom Can’t Go

For the past several years, our family has been a family of travelers. We travel whenever we can. We travel during the summer, during holiday breaks, on long weekends, and any other time we can fit a trip in. Usually we have trips planned anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 months in the future, and sometimes even farther in advance. This is great when we use miles and points, because planning ahead is one of the best ways to make sure you can find available award flights and hotel nights. Sometimes, however, things come up that throw a wrench...

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Flights, Family and Rest: How to Arrive Refreshed

As a family man and business traveler, I travel numerous times a month for work, often by air. Let’s face it, travel, especially air travel, is grueling. Between the airport food, stress of maintaining family connections and work/life balance while on the road, the late nights and more – being on the road can be really stressful. Over my years as a traveler, I’ve developed a few strategies for arriving refreshed with kids, and without. Let’s walk through a few of them. Stay hydrated! If I had a number one rule to stay and keep refreshed when I travel,...

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Never Travel Without these Three Tech Helpers

Technology can do wonders for us when we travel with children. Tablets can entertain our kids during long layovers or on flights, iPhone games distract us from the unpleasantries of travel – in fact, it’s hard to imagine traveling before phones, tablets and computers. I travel quite a bit for work and pleasure –  and I’ve developed a kit that has my must-have items for smooth travel between destinations. Let’s walk through my must-have items. Bluetooth speaker I listen to tunes pretty much all day. And when I get to my hotel after a day of traveling or even...

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Air Travel Can be Enjoyable from Local Airports

Air travel is a convenience that quickly loses its appeal when we think of the airport. Being whisked to far off destinations in mere hours loses its luster when coupled with arrival at the airport hours early, wading through the TSA security lines, and trying to find a halfway decent place to sit near your gate to wait. Even parking is a hassle. We pay through the nose just to park at a lot down the street and take a shuttle, which eats up more time. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Airline travel...

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Playing Hooky At A Baseball Game

Being a father of three, some times when we travel one or more of the kids don’t get enough individualized attention.  Every so often I like to make sure and spend some time one-on-one with each child.  Me and my youngest boy Matteo spent some time at the Round Rock Express baseball game together, just me and him. My youngest and I decided to play a little hooky and visit our local minor league baseball team The Round Rock Express. We said, who needs responsibilities and headed north of Austin to Round Rock, Texas. The Round Rock Express are a Triple...

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Family Vacation WATER SAFETY Tips

I can’t recall a family vacation that hasn’t involved my kids at some time during it being in proximity to water.  Pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, water parks whenever and wherever you are traveling there always seems to be an opportunity to enjoy getting wet.  While playing in the water can be an incredibly fun time it can also quickly turn into a tragedy if you aren’t vigilant about safety. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention & Control, drowning is a leading cause of unintentional injury deaths within the United States.   Every day an average of ten people...

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3 BBQ Institutions in Lockhart, TX

You know us Texans love BBQ.  If you haven’t heard of Lockhart, TX it is the Barbecue Capital of Texas.  A road trip to Lockhart, TX is a must for any real Texan or visitor to Central Texas.  Just 35 miles Southeast of Austin, Texas you will find an unassuming town of 13,000 residents and home to some of the best BBQ ever. BBQ Institutions in Lockhart, TX The misses and I had a day off on Good Friday, so we decided to take a little road trip to Lockhart. Kruez Market The first thing you need to know is...

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How To Spend A Weekend In Denver With Kids

Thanks to a late start from Kansas City, then stops in Topeka to see the outstanding Brown v. Board of Education site, and in Manhattan to peruse the Kansas State University bookstore (what can I say, my youngest daughter loves purple and cats), we didn’t even get the thrill of a daytime Rocky Mountain approach to Denver. And then came the rain. So much rain. It was a rough nine-hour driving day that didn’t end until we tossed our keys to the valet just before midnight. Thankfully, Hilton’s mobile check-in had us on our way up to a top...

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How This Dad Uses Travel To Give His Tweens The Autonomy They Deserve

Her choice of clothes, hair styles and what she’ll pull out of her lunch box every day at school have been hers since she could confidently make those decisions on her own. My oldest daughter enjoyed her first real taste of autonomy though while traveling as a tween in May 2016. My big kid’s tweenage Independence Day arrived during a family cruise vacation on the Carnival Vista. We were in the Mediterranean Sea at the time, somewhere between Marseille, France and the Italian port city of Livorno that we were told serves as a gateway to Florence and Pisa...

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